Marco Piva‘s Studio is located in the multicultural heart of Milan. More than an architectural and design company, the studio is the place where, with methodical rigor, projects on different scales are born.

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Marco Piva is a traveler and designer, that rose to be one of the most recognizable designs across Italy due to his distinctive design influenced by aesthetic freedom.


Split between the offices in Milan, Shanghai and other locations throughout the world, the collaborators are highly experienced in a wide range of disciplines from Urban Design to Architecture, Interior Design to Product Design.


Holding an endless number of award-winning projects, the Studio Marco Piva is committed to creating distinctive designs.

Today we gathered incredible Hospitality Designs by Marco Piva. Get to know them!

1- Double Tree Hilton Hotel

Hospitality Designs by Marco Piva - Double Tree Hilton Hotel

The hotel’s tone is created by minimalist elegance, natural materials, and pleasant places. To create a comfortable, friendly, and beautiful environment, the interior design was carried out with a focus on light colors and natural materials that were in harmony with the surrounding green regions.

2- Excelsior Hotel Galia

Hospitality Designs by Marco Piva - Excelsior Hotel Gallia

The excelsior Gallia hotel’s interior areas provide a wonderful and flowing atmosphere. It has a clean and linear atmosphere and is developed with extremely particular elements. The interiors are reminiscent of the art deco period’s timeless elegance and style.

3- Exedra Suites

Hospitality Designs by Marco Piva - Exedra Suites - luxurious bedroom

The intervention by Studio Marco Piva strives to retain the architectural integrity of the structure, therefore no changes were made that would overshadow the massive image of exedra. On the contrary, the interior was designed in such a way that it is physically separated from the area in which it is enclosed, emphasizing the architecture even more.

4- Forum el Djazair Hotel

Hospitality Designs by Marco Piva - Forum Al Djazair Hotel - luxurious bedroom

The idea came from the location, the shapes and colors of Algerian architecture, and the truly spectacular landscapes that include desert, mountains, and the sea. A different type of luxury.


5- La Suite

Hospitality Designs by Marco Piva - La Suite - timeless refined living area

Traditional structures, volumes, and materials are expressed via refined craftsmanship and beautiful details, resulting in a timeless, polished design.

6- T Hotel

Hospitality Designs by Marco Piva - T Hotel - minimalistic and modern living area

The interior design idea was inspired by the nearby teatro lirico and is reminiscent of theatrical and musical elements, as seen by the lighting effects and use of color, materials, and finishes. a multi-functional and multi-sensory initiative aimed at providing a perfect mix of work and enjoyment for a new standard in urban hospitality.

7- The Iconic Pantheon Hotel

Hospitality Designs by Marco Piva - The Iconic Pantheon Hotel - modern luxurious dining room

A well-balanced and attractive interior design sets the stage for an ideal experience immersion into a new luxury concept. The diverse modern design and architectural solutions are highlighted by bespoke, warm, and selected materials such as silk, gold, glass, resins, and marble.


8- Una Hotel

Hospitality Designs by Marco Piva - Una Hotel - Modern Design bar with lighting architecture

The primary goal of Studio Marco Piva was to define a building that actively interacts with its urban surroundings through an open architectural volume. Light must be employed as an architectural feature in order for the structure to appear as a visually communicating constituent.

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