Philippe Starck was discovered by the general public when chosen to decorate the private residence at the Elysée Palace. After this honour and beginning of fame, he designed the interior of Café Costes. This project confirm his international fame when it became a success. He gives his essence to this project and reinvented the codes of the Parisian cafe, making it the cafe par excellence.

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Philippe Starck

Born in Paris, Philippe Starck is considered one of the leading exponents of European design, as well as being known as an architect. As such, he carries out the designs of various installations around the world.

He began reinterpreting the standards of Parisian luxury with vigour and fantasy, incorporating a poetic element into his designs. He also infused his work with a sense of mystery and humanity. People should be able to appreciate their time spent with Starck’s creations.

Philippe Starck Agency

When developing new work, the designer always has a belief in mind “If there is no human, social or loving vision, a project has no legitimacy to exist”.

Philippe Starck Marvellous Retails Projects

Taschen Shop, Los Angeles

Philippe Starck Presentes Marvellous Retail Projects. Project in Los Angeles.

In this project, Starck created a store where the customers can connect with the books and be inspired by their surroundings. The design elements are present everywhere but balanced with the essential values of the store.

Get the Look

Get the Look

BRABBU London Apartment

Maison Baccarat, Paris

Philippe Starck Presentes Marvellous Retail Projects. Project in Paris.

This address preserves the memory of the sumptuous festivities hosted by the legendary muse and sponsor of artists of her time. Starck was able to emphasize the exact essence of the Mansion of Marie-Laure de Noailles.

Taschen Shop, New York

Philippe Starck Presentes Marvellous Retail Projects. Project in New York

As with the abovementioned project, Starck has paid attention to the type of shop it is, creating an inviting and cosy environment in which to read. As well as the style of store, he also took into consideration its location. Since it is in New York, Starck created a more modern design with simple lines.

Jean-Paul Gaultier Shop, Paris & New York

Philippe Starck Presentes Marvellous Retail Projects. Project in New York and Paris.

In order to better reflect the luxury brand, Philippe Starck has created a magnificent interior design where customers can feel and absorb the luxury that surrounds them.

Maison Baccarat, Moscow

Philippe Starck Presentes Marvellous Retail Projects. Project in Moscow

“It is a sort of Alice in Wonderland, a place of awoken dream. Nothing is real, everything is illusion. For a lot of people life is not very fun, it is too realistic. When you enter in the Cristal Room Baccarat in Moscow, nothing is realistic: all over there is poetry, everything is coming from somewhere else.” Philippe Starck

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Alain Milki Shop, Paris

Philippe Starck Presentes Marvellous Retail Projects. Store Project in Paris.

In this project, Starck has developed an interior design that represents Paris at its best. Classic lines with some modern elements.

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