Born in Paris, Philippe Starck is considered one of the leading exponents of European design, as well as being known as an architect. As such, he carries out the designs of various installations in Paris, Tokyo, and New York.

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Philippe Starck

“Subversive, ethical, ecological, political, humorous… This is how I see my professional duty,” says Philippe Starck. The French architect and designer is a reference when we talk about light and contemporary design. He believes that the world does not need new products, but new solutions. With this idea in mind, he created an enormous amount of different projects, but all of them have something in common, the expression of its conception of useful intelligence through products that are first functional than beautiful.

Philippe Starck

A renowned professional when it comes to architecture and design, Starck stands out for the wide variety of projects he has been involved in. His curriculum includes creations such as hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, furniture, luggage collections, and even yachts. In this article, we will focus on his hotel and restaurants projects.

Hospitality Projects by Philippe Starck

When developing new work, the designer always has a belief in mind “If there is no human, social or loving vision, a project has no legitimacy to exist”.

9 Confidentiel, Paris

Hospitality projects by Philippe Starck. 9 Confidentiel Project in Paris

The 9 Confidential hotel is the latest Parisian address imagined by Starck. Inspired by the delicate and sophisticated poetry of the 1920s, this project oscillates between neo-classicism and modernity.

Brach, Paris

Hospitality projects by Philippe Starck. Brach Project in Paris

Brach is not a hotel, it is a place of unique life and culture where poetic mysteries and fertile surprises feed the imagination. Sensual and rigorous, minimal and eclectic, there reigns a raw and modernist romanticism warmed by multicultural influences from Africa, Asia, and South America. It is an unusual place that invites you to a unique exploration.” Philippe Starck

Le Meurice, Paris

Hospitality projects by Philippe Starck. Le Meurice Project in Paris

The renowned hotel, Le Meurice continues to embrace creativity and places the art of living even more firmly at the center of its history. Philippe Starck was chosen to restore Le Meurice’s heritage to its rightful prominence, and in doing so exalt its riches and beauty.

Inspired by the Look

Inspired by the Look

SLS Hotel South Beach, Miami

Hospitality projects by Philippe Starck. Hotel South Beach Project in Maimi

In this project, the designer used neutral tones that transmits luxury and sophistication. The combination with modern and classic style, through the wall art, emphasizes the above feeling.

La Reserve Eden au Lac, Zurich

Hospitality projects by Philippe Starck. Reserve Eden au Lac Project in Zurich

La Réserve Eden au Lac is an atypical and highly modern place that is both majestic and sophisticated and thanks to its unique location in the city and on the waterfront, provides a unique lifestyle perspective on Zurich.

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The Royal Monceau, Paris

Hospitality projects by Philippe Starck. Le Royal Monceau Project in Paris

Le Royal Monceau has nothing to do once again, with the architecture or the decoration, it has to do with exploration. The exploration of what is, of what should, of what could be the French spirit.” Philippe Starck

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