Mirabello Interiors

Mirabello Interiors was born 30 years ago and started to be a furniture and lighting design company based in Doha, Qatar. Over the years, Mirabello Interiors developed into a full-service interior design and fit-out solution provider. Today we are going to show you some of theirs best commercial projects.

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Mirabello Interiors team


Mirabello Interiors is the leading interior design and fit-out company in Qatar. They travel across the globe and have gathered a team from over 20 nations, that way, they can locally meet client goals and surpass their expectations. This team has over 80 people, each an expert in their field, dedicated to constant professional development and fulfilling clients’ interior design dreams.

Mirabello interiors projects

This interior design company does a variety of projects: commercial, fitness, food & beverage, health & beauty, health care, hospitality, residential and retail. Today, we are going to present three of their hospitality projects, Centara Grand Hotel, Centara Grand Hotel Podium, Al Bustan Hotel.

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Centara Grand Hotel by Mirabello Interiors

Centara Grand Hotel 1
Centara Grand Hotel 2
Centara Grand Hotel 3

The interior design of all lobbies, hotel rooms, apartments, and suites were completed by Mirabello. A mixed-use project of a residential, commercial, hotel and leisure space makes Centara Grand Hotel tower an international and extremely attractive destination.

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Inspired by the look


Inspired by the look

A perfect bedroom is a perfect way to really unite your interior design under the same style. Here, you can see a perfect combination between the NAICCA Pendant Light as well as the CAY Side Table, creating a feeling of greatness.

Centara Grand Hotel Podium by Mirabello Interiors

Centara Grand Hotel Podium 1
Centara Grand Hotel Podium 2
Centara Grand Hotel Podium 3

In regard to the podium, Mirabello was responsible for designing and executing 5 food & beverage outlets: Gourmet Café, Thai Restaurant, All Day Dining, Steakhouse and Club Lounge.

Inspired by the look


Inspired by the look

A modern hotel interior design in red tones and little golden details.

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Al Bustan Hotel

Al Bustan 1
Al Bustan 2
Al Bustan 3
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Contemporary, elegant, and masculine was the client’s brief for this project, and Mirabello Interiors nailed it. The color selection was inspired by the region: sand, gold and different shades of blue & green.

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