Peter Marino - Cheval Blanc Paris. Hotel Lobby with bright tones and artistic elements.

Peter Marino needs no introductions. His New York-based firm is known worldwide for masterfully combining Architecture and Interior Design and for all the awards its residential, commercial, and hospitality projects have garnered throughout the years. It is no surprise that when we talk about luxury design, Marino’s name is one of the firsts that come to mind.

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Peter Marino’s Distinguished Career

Marino’s firm opened its activity in 1978. Since then, it has participated in a wide variety of architecture and interior design projects all around the world. He has been credited as one of the key figures in modernizing luxury through the emphasis on both disciplines. Among many others, the firm has worked with renowned entities in the luxury sector such as Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Bulgari.

Peter Marino’s Design Philosophy

Through his entire portfolio, you can observe that architecture and interior design act in combination and not as individual disciplines. Marino always ensures that both complement each other and make sense together. In addition, his interiors always have a high level of luxury and feel refined and elegant. In addition, the influence of art is one of his distinctive traits. It elevates every project and contributes to elevating its luxuriousness.

Peter Marino’s Best Hospitality Projects

1. Yacht Club Sardinia

Peter Marino - Yacht Club Sardinia. Dinning Area overseeing the marina.

Located on the sunny Italian island of Sardinia, this project is very maritime-themed. Hence the prevalence of white and blue tones.

Peter Marino - Yacht Club Sardinia. Hotel Lobby with a strong influence of white and blue tones.
Peter Marino

2. Cheval Blanc Paris

Peter Marino - Cheval Blanc Paris. Room Terrace overlooking the river. Wooden floors and neutral color furniture.

The Parisian hotel is one of the firm’s latest projects. Its grandiosity and luxuriousness are a beautiful homage to the city’s culture and history.

Peter Marino - Cheval Blanc Paris. Majestic hotel lobby with an abundance of bright tones and big paintings.

Inspired by the Look

Peter Marino - Cheval blanc paris - Inspired by the look. Mecca Side table
Peter Marino

3. Beige Alain Ducasse

Peter Marino. Beige Alain Ducasse. Modern bar with bright tones.

This project, located in Tokyo, feels very cosmopolitan with various influences but with the same luxuriousness.

Peter Marino - Beige Alain Ducasse. Restaurant in neutral tones with golden details.
Peter Marino

4. MGM City Center Las Vegas

Peter Marino - MGM City Center Las Vegas. Lobby area with orange sofas, yellow rug

In a city known for its glitz and glamour, these interiors fit in well.

Peter Marino - MGM City Center Las Vegas. Elevator Area in brown and gold.

Inspired by the Look

Peter Marino - MGM City Center Las Vegas. Inspired by the Look. Elevator Area with gold tones.
Peter Marino

5. Four Seasons New York

Peter Marino - Four Seasons New York. Living Room with different tones, artistic elements and high ceilings.

Perhaps the project that displays Marino’s style the most! Innovative, luxuriousness and art. All combined in a dazzling interior design.

Peter Marino - Four Seasons New York. Lobby Area with a view to the city and a silver chandelier.

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