Since the beginning of his career, Christian Liaigre surprises everyone with his restrained and clean aesthetic vocabulary which impresses with its difference and modernity. The artist went through a thought process about design drawing on natural materials and excellent workmanship. He matches a concept that privileges arts and crafts in the spirit and tradition of French furniture.

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Christian Liaigre: Hotels and Restaurants Interior Design Ideas

Christian Liaigre

During his career, the Liaigre signature has been synonymous with high standards and refinement. The use of the best natural materials and excellent workmanship was, without any doubt, the aspects that made his designs unique.

Christian Liaigre: Hotels and Restaurants Interior Design Ideas

Not only do materials make Christian Liaigre designs unique, but also his particular style. He considers his style “style without being stylish”. It consists of clean designs, simple writing. The luxurious simplicity seduced the most demanding clients in the world and allow him to do some incredible projects.

Christian Liaigre: Hotels and Restaurants Interior Design Ideas

If each new project aims to tell a unique narrative, the Liaigre style shines through subtly: simple writing with spaces tailored to the demands of the users, a strict aesthetics concept that emphasizes the beauty of the materials, and a timeless contemporary attitude that combines elegance and simplicity.

La Société, Paris

Christian Liaigre saint germain paris

The restaurant La Société is the result of a partnership between Jean-Louis Costes and Christian Liaigre. It personifies the cultivated, refined, cosmopolitan spirit of the neighbourhood, which was once the epicentre of publishing and literature. The restaurant has its very own atmosphere, a mix of French brasserie and British gentleman’s club.

Christian Liaigre: Hotels and Restaurants Interior Design Ideas

Christian Liaigre saint germain paris 1

Raw wood, marble, mahogany, and leather, among other materials used in this project, combine to create a muted, restrained aesthetic that fits the restaurant’s sophisticated, purposefully timeless design. Browns, beige, grey, and white combine to generate a sense of tranquillity and comfort as soon as you walk in.

Imperial Treasure, London

Christian Liaigre london

In this specific project, Liaigre reflects a delicate combination of English heritage, Chinese culture, and French design. True to himself, the design was based on the artist motto “fit in the context” — rooting inspiration in local culture, customs, and lifestyle.

Christian Liaigre london 1

Furniture pieces and lightings are exclusively drawn and custom made for the project. That allows Christian Liaigre to reflect what the client wishes.

Christian Liaigre: Hotels and Restaurants Interior Design Ideas

Inspired by the Look

Inspired by the Look

Le Sereno, French Antilles

Christian Liaigre le sereno

The use of refined materials—Liaigre’s signature style—are met with a contrasting palette that pairs whites with the deep shades of wenge and teak woods. This combination allows a perfect balance between sophistication and comfort

Christian Liaigre le sereno 1

The use of the materials by Christian Liaigre is deliberately minimalist, ranging from the essential to the natural, to better emphasize the beauty of the site. 

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