Dreimeta was founded in 2003 by Armin Fischer. Beginning early 2017, Andrea Kraft-Hammerschall became a joint partner in the firm, followed by Maren Mogalle in 2020. Their projects speak for themselves and demonstrate the diversity of work.

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Dreimeta-Soul, Creativity and Love

They are not architects or designers with a signature style that must be represented in every project. Instead, they produce and develop every project individually in order to find the best solutions for their clients, with the goal of creating spaces with identity and personality. In doing so, they do not distinguish between industries; our portfolio encompasses the full spectrum.

Besr Interior deisgners of berlin

Dreimeta Interior Design

By translating the values of their clients into material and form, Dreimeta provides them with a unique profile that is sound and reliable.

Dreimeta Projects


Cervo hotel bedroom, where we can see an armchair, a wood cabinet that has a litlle bench.
Annual Sales
Cervo hotel dining room, with exquisite pink celling  lamps.

The new overall concept BEYOND EXPLORING is dedicated to all people that act and travel consciously. One of the key principles in Cervo is a strong environmental awareness as well as a certain sense of a social responsibility. The concept is aimed towards a holistic and decelerated approach in life. In line with these ethical standards, the interior concept is based on natural materials.  

Dreimeta, Soul, Creativity and Love

The Royal Bavarian – Guest Rooms and Suites

The Royal Bavarian blue suite, with 4 dining chairs, a dining room and a bed right next to the window.
BRABBU London Apartment
The Royal Bavarian suite bathroom with black tiles and gold faucets.

The starting point for our design was an inspiring journey through Bavaria. We investigated elegant castles, stately residences and grottoes and as a result, in many spots throughout the Hotel, we tell of the tales that we encountered on our mysterious travels…

Dreimeta, Soul, Creativity and Love

25hours Terminus Nord – Public Areas

25hours Terminus Nord dining room with green and pink dining chair, around circular tables.
Home'Society magazine first issue.
25hours Terminus Nord other part of the dining room, with one side being a big sofa in white, with rectangular marble tables.

The 25hours Hotel Group has developed hotels whose designs alone are reason enough to travel. Guests with cosmopolitan and urban flair appreciate and value the thirteen hotels that make it their mission to embody and reflect the essence of a city through creative design.

Dreimeta, Soul, Creativity and Love
Ebook projects

Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel – Guest Rooms

Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel lounge with a yellow sofa, 2 round center tables, a floor lamp and a book shelve.

The “leitmotif” of the Bikini Island & Mountain Hotels is the hedonistic lifestyle of hippies; their peaceful protests (make love, not war) and campaigns for nuclear disarmament were key sources of inspiration for the design team. The flower children and all the facets of their creative, artistic creations served as a basis for the design concept of the hotel. One contemporary interpretation of this attitude towards life is known as “Gypset,” a mixture of “Hippie” and luxury.

Dreimeta, Soul, Creativity and Love

Get The Look


get the look with our borboun sofa

Coveted 20th The trends issue.

25hours Hotel Wien

25 hours Hotel Wien red bedroom with a clown paiting.
25 hours Hotel Wien  purple bedroom with a panitng of two clowns on top of a horse.

The emotional circus theme attracts not only the typical budget clientele but also a design-oriented target group who are inspired by eccentric ideas. There is such a high demand for the existing 34 rooms that the hotel is now expanding, developing an additional 187 rooms plus a spa, conference areas and a restaurant. There will be a third phase in which a roof terrace and bar will be added on to the eighth floor.

Dreimeta, Soul, Creativity and Love

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