Roomcode was founded by Gerhard Wittl in 2007 after 12 years of professional experience. After six years of professional experience with architects and architects and interior designers in Munich, Vienna, and Linz. The entrance into the self-employment takes place over the company Loher Raumexklusiv (company Vedder Munich GmbH).

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Roomcode Architecture & Interior Design

International and national clients are served in high-end interior design over a period of five years from
from the conception, execution planning up to the object supervision independently and holistic cared for. An unconventional, goal-oriented career as a “basic” for his freelance work.

Roomcode best interiro deisgners of berlin

Roomcode Interior Design

There are 12 employees – Karla Kremser, Ulrich Kapfer, Julisha Dierks, Severin Blach, Sonja Rieger, Veronika Wimmer, Paulin Emmrich, Patrizia Steinbach, Brandon Lenk, Jennifer Friedrich, Patrizia Weigert, Frauke Kern – since 2012 and are sure to continue growing.

Roomcode Hotel Interior Design



Roomcode HOTEL BELLERIVE suite with wodden appliances, a white bed with red pillows and a view to the outside.
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Roomcode HOTEL BELLERIVE living room with a cozy fireplace right next to the dining room with purple dining chairs.

Surprising the guest with an extraordinary spatial solution on only 25 sqm floor space. The rooms are located on the top floor. The ceiling was removed and integrated into the room to create “sky suites”. With an harmonious combination of contemporary elements with natural materials.



Roomcode HOTEL NEUES TOR suite bedroom, with a king size bed, a closet completening the rooms colors.
BRABBU London Apartment


Roomcode HOTEL NEUES TOR bathroom view, with a circular mirror, an oval bathtub and 2 sinks.
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Roomcode HOTEL NEUES TOR dining room in yellow tones.

Authentic reference to the location of the hotel. With natural elements taken up harmoniously into the interiors.



Roomcode HOTEL SCHNITZMÜHLE suite where we see the bathtub and the bedroom.

We had decided on Mr. Wittl intuitively.
Big decisions, like the remodeling of our restaurant or many of our hotel rooms, should rather be decided by gut feeling. We found in Mr. Wittl an ally who could think and steer vision and mission, soulful design and user-friendly technology, together with us. He took a lot of time for the sparkling ideas we came up with together. Difficulties arose on the one hand due to the old building renovation and on the other hand due to the time pressure in interaction with some craftsmen – but the tension of nerves and drops of sweat were worth it.
The result turned out brilliant!

Kristian and Sebastian Nielsen
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Roomcode HAMMERHOF dini g room with a beautiful gols chandelier, and brown dinign chairs.

Get The Look

get the look with nanook dining chair.

Roomcode coveted 20th the trends issue


Roomcode HAMMERHOF other view of the dining room.

Implementation of a design that fits into the interior design inventory, which has remained unchanged for 17 years.
Authentic reference to the nature of the Bavarian Forest. Light, shadow play through artistic metal elements, which sway in space glittering and shining.
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