Where does your favourite celebrity sleep? This article will show you some of the most beautiful suites the celebrities choose. If you can’t sleep on their own beds try to do it after they’ve left. Not a bad way to choose a room, since celebrities often check-in to the very best suite a luxury hotel can offer. Take a look:

1. Barbie Suite, Palms, Las Vegas

Barbie Suite Palms Las Vegas

Go on, you know you want to stay here really; you just don’t want your friends to know. Celebrating the style of Ms Plastic Fantastic, this pretty in pink suite looks like Malibu Barbie’s dream house come to life. Fuchsia and black are the signature colours with that famous pink “B” scrawled on cushions and carpets. There are chairs that look like a laced up corset, a mirror framed in 65 Barbie dolls and a Jacuzzi. It’s the ultimate Bachelorette pad. What’s not to love?

 2. Coco Chanel Suite, Ritz Hotel, Paris

Coco Chanel Suite Ritz Hotel Paris

For 37 years Coco Chanel lived here in the rarefied elegance of this suite overlooking the gardens and Place Vendome. Today, with each piece of furniture and every object carefully restored, you can enter her private style sanctuary. Baroque mirrors and Coromandel lacquers reflect light on the signature quilted padding of the sofas. An exquisite chandelier overhangs it all. Chanel’s eye wasn’t burdened by detail, and here none have been left to chance. Many famous people have left their legacy at the Ritz from the Windsors to Hemingway. But interestingly of all the suites that have remained devoted to them, none attracts as high a price as that of Chanel.

3. Fleming House, Goldeneye, Jamaica

Fleming House Goldeneye Jamaica

This three bedroom house built on a cliff overlooking a beach on the island’s north coast was designed by Ian Fleming himself. It is here that the author wrote all 17 of his James Bond novels. The house is currently the most luxurious property available at the Goldeneye resort although bedrooms in the four other villas on the estate all have suitably Bond Girl names such as Vesper, Domino and Solitaire. There are also 11 new beach cottages on Low Cay beach. Masterminded by owner Chris Blackwell (of Island Records fame) a development of new spa cottages is now underway.

4. John Lennon Suite, Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal

John Lennon Suite Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel Montreal

This is the suite that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase lie-in. After they’d been in the Amsterdam Hilton staying in bed for a week (to misquote Lennon) John and Yoko moved to this room in Montreal and had all the furniture moved out into the hall apart from the bed in which they set up camp. The management would prefer you left the furniture alone these days although they pay homage with framed black and white prints of John and Yoko above suite 1742′s new four poster bed. The hotel still has the couple’s original room service order so if you want to eat like The Lennons, order poached fillet of sole, salad and scrambled eggs. They also asked for a cage big enough for a white rat, although nobody seems quite sure why. The hotel offers a ‘Give Peace a Chance’ package which includes a CD of Lennon lyrics, pyjamas and white flowers – at a celebrity price of course.

5. Marilyn Bungalow, The Charlie Hotel, Los Angeles

marily next

Built on the site of Charlie Chaplin’s house, hence the name, this discreet complex of 14 luxury bungalow is the new favourite with Young Hollywood (could this take over from Chateau Marmont as the celeb spot?). Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart of Twilight and New Moon fame reportedly hooked up here. The Bungalows however commemorate Old Hollywood with names like Marilyn (Monroe), Clark (Gable), Charlie (Chaplin), Gloria (Swanson), Marlene (Dietrich) and Gregory (Peck). This could be as near as you’ll get to being on a first name basis with stars of the silver screen, so enjoy it.

6. Monet Suite, Savoy, London

savoy london

The Savoy re-opens in mid-2010 and when it does you can feed your inner artist by staying in the Monet Suite, which has been refurbished along with the rest of this London Grand Dame, now a Fairmont hotel. If French Impressionism is your thing you’ll know that Claude Monet painted dozens of London scenes and particularly loved the Thames, which snakes through the capital at the back of the Savoy. If you feel inspired you can nip along The Strand to the National Gallery and take in the Monet canvasses there.

7. Noel Coward Suite, Raffles Hotel, Singapore

raffles hotel singapora

Co-incidentally Noel Coward also stayed at Goldeneye but he is immortalised in his very own suite at Raffles hotel in Singapore. Coward’s first visit to Raffles was in 1931 and his last, almost 40 years later, in 1968. On his first visit he stayed for a month because his companion, Lord Amherst was taken ill. He later wrote about his first night, “There was a thunderstorm brewing and the airless heat pressed down on my head. I felt as though I was inside a hot cardboard box which was growing rapidly smaller”. Present day visitors will be glad to know the suite which bears his name is far more spacious than a cardboard box and the perfect place to sit and drink gin slings.

8. Oscar Wilde Room, L’Hotel, Paris

Oscar Wild Room, L'Hotel

“My wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death. One or the other of us has to go,” Oscar Wilde said in lying on his bed in this hotel room in 1900. The wallpaper won and Wilde died soon after. The 20-room L’Hotel is a five star luxury hotel with all the trimmings – a little different from its star rating in Oscar’s day, when it was a fleapit called Hotel L’Alsace. Wilde was flat broke when he stayed here. The Jacques Garcia designed hotel does have a suitably flamboyant decor but Oscar would no doubt be relieved to know that the current walls are no longer covered with offensive wallpaper but framed letters written by the hotel management of the day asking Wilde to pay his bill. We advise you to think of something witty to say before you check in; you never know who might ask for a quote.

9. The Churchill Suite, Mena House Oberoi Hotel, Cairo

The Churchill Suite Mena House Oberoi Hotel Cairo

During World War II US President Franklin Roosevelt, Chinese General Chiang Kai-shek and Brit Prime Minister Winston Churchill met at Mena House for what became known as the Cairo Conference. Apparently Churchill was so fond of the view from suite 623 he slept with the curtains open so he could see the pyramids of Giza, which are close to the hotel. There is also a Montgomery Suite (706) if you are more into the idea of being in the front line rather than saving the world by negotiation.

10. Vera Wang Suite, Halekulani Hotel, Waikiki

Vera Wang Suite Halekulani Hotel Waikiki

Vera Wang has a particularly refined form of resort wear. Largely black and often structured, it is beautiful, yes, but one can wonder where to wear it. Wang has provided a solution to this with her eponymous suite in the 100 year old Halekulani Hotel that overhangs the edge of the ocean at Waikiki. Here Wang combines charcoal drapes and dark wood overtones with a delicate interlude of neutrals. Not a snip of tropical rattan is in sight. Adding to the elegance is Wang-style service with her own perfumes, limousine transport, personally selected movies and a self-styled cocktail suggestion.

Source: Boca do Lobo Blog