Luxury Travel: Top 10 Fashion Hotels – Designers are quietly turning their hands to hotels around the world. There are appearing some luxury travel destinations with fantastic design hotels with vip sightseeing and gorgeous aesthetics. Here is our shortlist of the 10 best fashion hotels in the world from cool to conservative. They are luxury travel trends with fantastic designer works that worth a visit.

1. Carducci 76 Hotel, Rimini, Italy

Carducci 76 Hotel, Rimini, Italy - Luxury Travel: Top 10 Fashion Hotels

The 1920s villa has insides primped with a series of suites that range from zen to minimalist African. Their primary aim is yours physical and spiritual well being. The buffet is tasty and you can exit through a discreet door and reach the beach right on the Adriatic.

2. Casa Camper, Barcelona, Spain

Casa Camper Barcelona, Spain

Casa Camper Barcelona is best suited to those who admire functional simplicity. Large suites incorporates lounge and bathroom with a courtyard for your rejoice. It´s a smooth place to stay if you want visit one of the most creative cities in the world.

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3. Byblos Art Hotel, Verona, Italy

Byblos Art Hotel, Verona, Italy

Byblos Art Hotel at Verona, also known as Villa Amista of the XVI century, bears the out-there extravagance of Medici meets Warhol and Dali. The golden interiors bright on furniture. Byblos also host an impressive permanent contemporary art exhibition. It´s a place for luxury and elegance.

4. Miró Hotel, Bilbao, Spain

Miro Hotel Bilbao, Spain

Miró Hotel at Bilbao is a streamlined António Miró style. It’s touches of red, citrus and artworks give a certain flamboyance. This Hotel is chic, cosmopolitan, has a SPA and a Bar with live Jazz. Is ideally located opposite to the Guggenheim Museum. Is the best choice to immersing on the city.

5. Charlton House Hotel, Somerset, UK

Charlton House Hotel Somerset, UK

The Charlton House Hotel at Somerset is a translation between luxury and English country style that works perfectly. You can practice golf, horse riding, clay pigeon shooting or experiment amazing flavors at the awarded restaurant. Is a extreme comfortable, informal and splendorous decorated hotel.

6. Morrison Hotel, Dublin, Ireland

Morrison Hotel Dublin, Ireland

Dublin Morrison Hotel is the coolest and most luxurious hotel in town. Some areas of the hotel have been refurbished since John Rocha brought it 1999. However, head for the luxury is at the penthouse: a John Rocha original. The panorama that you can see over the River Liffey and Dublin is astonishing.

7. Pelican Hotel, Miami, USA

Pelican Hotel Miami, USA

The curious Pelican Hotel in Miami is quirky and just that little bit naughty. Each room are kitted out with a one-of-a-kind and found objects. From the smooth ‘Executive Fifties’ room to the lurid ‘Best Whorehouse’ are some fanciful spaces to admire. The restaurant has an award and just across the road you get the beach.

8. Royal Windsor, Brussels, Belgium

Royal Windsor Brussels, Belgium

The Royal Windsor at Brussels was designed for 10 great Belgium designers. This hotel brings an exceptional sense of individuality and contemporary style. Each designer was certified to translate their own vision into the interior of a ‘Fashion Room’. The result is as unique travel experience.

9. The G Hotel, Galway, Ireland

The G Hotel, Galway, Ireland

The G Hotel at Ireland is extremely glamorous. The guests could travel through various eras that range from Versailles to Warhol with objects and furniture with proper shapes. Relaxing moments, beauty, desired interiors and best comfort are what you can find here.

10. Blakes Hotel, London, UK

Blakes Hotel London, UK

The Blakes Hotel London Brit-based designer Anouska Hempel is like a high drama place. For those who crave the dark, striped sculptured shapes of her gowns, slink into what was her very first entrée into hotels. Each suite has a one-off original design. From gilt-edge glamour through to crisp Provencale clean, the constant is a four poster bed.

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These are some luxury vacations ideas. An ensemble of fashion hotels that reflect luxury travel trends. Now I will just book my trip too.

Source: KOKET Blog