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Each of these hotels comes from a unique background and has an interesting story to tell.
This article offer guests the chance to get insider tips on unseen locations, venture into
untouched places, and get a behind the scenes look at striking properties around the world.

1. Tribe Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya, by Shamim Ehsani

Creating a hotel that both defines a city and represents a nation is a daunting task. But it’s one that Nairobi’s Shamim Ehsani and his family pulled off to masterful effect.

Tribe Hotel by Shamim Ehsani

2. The Thief, Oslo, Norway, by Petter A. Stordalen

At the age of twelve, environmentalist and philanthropist Petter A. Stordalen became Norway’s top seller of strawberries. Today, he’s not only preserving the environment, he’s reshaping it with an island hotel that’s setting a new standard for sustainability, art, and architecture. A world-class waterfront hotel in Oslo’s most anticipated cultural hub, The Thief will steal you away from everyday life.

The Thief by Petter A. Stordalen

3. Wiesergut, Saalbach-Hinterglemm, Austria, by Sepp & Martina Kröll

Just an hour away from Salzburg, Sepp and Martina Kröll have transformed a 14th-century family estate into a modern retreat that exudes organic warmth and comfort.

Wiesengut by Sepp & Martina Kröll

4. Factory Hotel, Münster, Germany, by David Deilmann

Hip nightclub meets landmark-protected building, industrial aesthetics meet cozy comfort, urban dynamism meets serene retreat: with his Factory Hotel, architect David Deilmann has brought together seemingly contradictory elements and transformed them into a unified whole.

Factory Hotel by David Deilmann

5. Hotel Kitzhof Mountain Design Resort, Kitzbühel, Austria, by Uschi Schelle-Müller

By marrying rustic charm with an international sense of styling, Uschi Schelle-Müller and her Hotel Kitzhof Mountain Design Resort celebrate the timeless grace of the Tyrolean way of life.

Hotel Kitzhof Mountain Design Resort by Uschi Schelle-Müller

6. 25hours Hotel Zürich West, Zürich, Switzerland, by Hotel Company

The newest property from the vanguard 25hours Hotel Company, the industrial-chic 25hours Hotel Zürich West, in the Swiss city’s exciting, arts-filled fifth district, places the local environment at the core of its colorful design concept.

25hours Hotel Zürich West by Hotel Company

7. Domaine des Andéols, Provence, France, by Olivier and Patrizia Massart

With their fully renovated and perfectly curated Domaine des Andéols, Olivier and Patrizia Massart have rekindled the artistic soul of this one-of-a-kind country estate.

Domaine des Andéols by Olivier and Patrizia Massart

8. South Place Hotel, London, UK, by Des Gunewardena & David Loewi

Des Gunewardena and David Loewi made their name crafting London’s dining renaissance. Now with South Place, their first hotel, they are forging a new revival and following a lifelong calling.

South Place Hotel by Des Gunewardena & David Loewi

9. Conservatorium Hotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands by Georgi Akirov

Classic meets contemporary at visionary Israeli hotelier Georgi Akirov’s Conservatorium. One of central Amsterdam’s most iconic buildings, it was transformed into a sophisticated boutique hotel at the hands of Milan-based star architect Piero Lissoni.

Conservatorium Hotel by Georgi Akirov

10. Grand Hotel Central, Barcelona, Spain, by Pau Guardans

Though its rooftop infinity pool feels like the apex of contemporary global luxury, Grand Hotel Central is both an ode to the golden age of travel and an homage to its environment. Owner Pau Guardans seeks to connect guests with the rich local culture and traditions at their doorstep, from the merchants and artisans that populate the hotel’s vibrant El Born neighborhood to the market-sourced cuisine prepared on site by renowned chef Ramon Freixa.

Grand Hotel Central by Pau Guardans

11. Wanderlust, Singapore, by Loh Lik Peng

Combining a sense of artistic whimsy with cutting-edge design, the new Wanderlust in Singapore’s Little India was created with adventurous travelers in mind. Owner Loh Lik Peng, a local hero after the success of his New Majestic Hotel, gave four different design firms each a floor to create their own interpretation of contemporary style and comfort.

Wanderlust by Loh Lik Peng

12. Ca’ Pisani Hotel, Venice, Italy, by Marianna Serandrei

Under the audacious eye of Marianna Serandrei, Ca’ Pisani has become both an international art hub and the initiator of a new Venetian élan—ancient repubblica reinvented as cultural oasis.

Ca' Pisani Hotel by Marianna Serandrei

13. C-Hotel & Spa, Lake Como, Italy, by Andrea Colzani

In the hills above Lake Como, ringed with grandiose palaces and villas, stands a marvel of modern minimalism: the C-Hotel & Spa, a stunning glass-and stone retreat opened by prodigious hotelier Andrea Colzani on his 28th birthday.

C-Hotel & Spa by Andrea Colzani

Source: Design Hotels