In a city completely destroyed by the World War II, there is The Suite Hotel Pincoffs, located right in the very heart of Rotterdam Harbour. What used to be the customs house from the border – a space that had been mostly empty since the early 1990s – is now a wonderful place to stay in the city.


Why Pincoffs?

Lodewijk Pincoffs was a very known businessman that, after the war, challenged the government and himself to rebuild this so important part of the city – where once was placed the harbour, the warehouse, the city safe, among others.


The government trusted Pincoffs to this mission that he grabbed with his soul. He earned a lot of money, from many entities and wealthy families that he used to rebuild some facilities and to start some projects. He is the responsible in establishing Rotterdam as the world’s largest port, an honour it held until 2002.

However, after war there’s always a crisis that also stroked Pincoffs first business. To not loose it, the well-known entrepreneur and hero of Rotterdam, used the given money to rescue his own business.


The police tried to arrest Pincoffs but he travelled from city to city until arrived to the United States of America, where the police couldn’t capture him.

Because of this episode a lot of people suffered and saw their affairs went bankrupt. Pincoffswashero and villain at the same time and has a very special role in Rotterdam’s history.

Near his statue in the city we can read “a spectacle of so much glory and so much shame”.


About the building

For many years, this very important building was neglected and Rotterdam’s government felt a lot of pain because of it and they wanted to do something about it.

At the same time there was a couple, Karen & Edwin, both journalists for many years and full of experience from travelling and journeys on the better hotels of the world, wanted to have their own project. They dreamed about an ideal place where guests could not just feel well welcomed, but at home as well. They saw this opportunity on this old building.


At first sight they though it was a crazy idea and then they started to feel it like an opportunity to carry forward their dream – “we though to do it when retired but to build our dream hotel takes long time and energy” says Karen between proudly smiles.

So, with no hotel experience at all, they begin to create an hotel with the same facilities and comfort from the other famous ones, however more personal and enthusiastic to guests.


It was such an important moment to Rotterdam and such an opportunity to advertise the city that RTL, the Dutch national TV channel,followed Karen & Edwin for the all renovation and restoration process that took eleven months to be completed.

The hotel opened its doors at March 2008 and a lot of people came because they’ve followed it on TV.

About Suite Hotel Pincoffs


When projecting it, the couple left the elements that give character to the place and that tells the story of it. The hotel is a mix of design and antique in order to create atmosphere and experience, with many unique pieces made from elements of the old building, for instance, all the cabinets are made from the old doors of the offices, that are now transformed in spacious, bright and comfortable bedrooms, all different one from another, decorated with different colours and details in each.covet-edition-The-pearl-of-Rotterdam-Pincoffs-Hotel-bedroom

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As the couple wanted this hotel to be special and familiar, all the art pieces spread on the room are from many artist and friends. It is a way to celebrate design with friends too.

Tripadvisor’s number 1 hotel in Rotterdam, the Pincoffs is a boutique hotel full of personal touches and friendly staff, which not use uniform so they can relate better with guests, that the team prefer to see more like friends.In the lobby of the hotel you won’t see a desk and a proper concierge but a big table where you can sit with the smiley person that afterwards will show you all the common rooms and follow you to your bedroom. You can also choose a book or a DVD from the collection, so you can really feel at home and enjoy a relaxing evening.


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By the morning there will be a fantastic breakfast at the living room, where Philippe Starck chairs gives it a very fresh, clean and calm ambiance to well begin the day. Karen and Edwin are also very proud to be Green Key award winners, recognition of their commitment to being a sustainable hotel from serving only local organic meats at breakfast to planting new trees in Panama or to deal with fair trade.

With a spectacular both actual and “availed” design, the small luxury hotel Pincoffs is happy to receive you, so you can discover all this stories by the owners that will be very proud to tell you about it.

After seven years of welcoming guests to Pincoffs, we can see by Karen’s look that the couple is still leaving their dream.

Source: Covet Edition Magazine