Interior Design Highlights: 2024's Pinnacle of Design Excellence

Each year, ELLE DECOR celebrates the crème de la crème of the interior design world with its prestigious A-List, honouring those who exemplify design excellence. The 2024 lineup features a stellar collection of designers who are redefining spaces with their innovative approaches and unparalleled creativity. Here, we spotlight ten luminaries from ELLE DECOR A-List 2024, each bringing their unique touch to the art of interior design.

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10 Highlights from ELLE DECOR A-List 2024

Amy Lau Design

New York City

Amy Lau Design – ELLE DECOR A-List 2024

Founded in 2001, Amy Lau Design is synonymous with warmth, expressiveness, and meticulous attention to detail. Amy Lau has a deep reverence for the natural world, skillfully incorporating the inherent beauty of natural materials and landscapes into her interiors. Her work exudes a timeless elegance, ensuring every project feels both contemporary and rooted in nature.

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White Garden Rug

Brockschmidt & Coleman

New York City/New Orleans

Brockschmidt & Coleman – ELLE DECOR A-List 2024

Bill Brockschmidt and Courtney Coleman are masters at blending historical references with modern sensibilities. Their clientele, described as “under-the-radar literati and collectors,” appreciate the duo’s nuanced approach. Notable projects include the refined Nashville studio of historian Jon Meacham and the sophisticated New Orleans apartment of biographer Walter Isaacson.

Commune Design

Los Angeles

Commune Design – ELLE DECOR A-List 2024

Roman Alonso and Steven Johanknecht, the visionary minds behind Commune Design, epitomize the new California cool. Their work, ranging from homes and hotels to product design, showcases a profound respect for craftsmanship and a deep understanding of place. Each project is a harmonious blend of history, culture, and contemporary design.


New York City

Drake/Anderson – ELLE DECOR A-List 2024

Jamie Drake and Caleb Anderson are celebrated for their modernist leanings and fearless approach to colour. Their fashion-conscious sensibility is evident in diverse projects, including sophisticated estates on Long Island, medical facilities, and nonprofit headquarters. Drake/Anderson’s work is a vibrant testament to their innovative design ethos.

Elliott Barnes Interiors


Elliott Barnes Interiors – ELLE DECOR A-List 2024

Elliott Barnes, a Los Angeles native now thriving in Paris, honed his craft under the guidance of Arthur Erickson and Andrée Putman. His projects span luxurious country homes, the renovation of Ruinart’s Champagne cellars, and chic apartments for art collectors. Barnes also dabbles in product design, with his Champagne accessories for Christofle garnering acclaim.

Ishka Designs


Ishka Designs – ELLE DECOR A-List 2024

Anishka Clarke and Niya Bascom of Ishka Designs specialize in creating serene, minimalist spaces for vacation properties, restaurants, and residences. Their restoration of a Brooklyn brownstone, featured in ELLE DECOR’s Summer 2022 issue, exemplifies their clean aesthetic and commitment to thoughtful design.

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La Land Rug

Katie Ridder

New York City

Katie Ridder – ELLE DECOR A-List 2024

Katie Ridder is renowned for her adept use of colour, a playful mix of antiques and modern pieces, and an eye for unique decorative accents. Her projects span the globe, from Switzerland to Virginia. Recently, Ridder expanded her creative repertoire with a line of wallpaper and fabrics, while her design of a New York City penthouse was celebrated in the Summer 2020 issue.

Luis Fernandez

Los Angeles/New York City

Luis Fernandez – ELLE DECOR A-List 2024

Luis Fernandez, the creative force behind @LUISFERN5, merges his architectural background with a passion for fashion to create interiors he describes as “futuristic modernism.” His work, showcased on the cover of ELLE DECOR’s October 2021 issue, is a forward-thinking blend of sleek design and innovative concepts.

Nicholas Obeid

New York City

Nicholas Obeid – ELLE DECOR A-List 2024

Nicholas Obeid, born to Syrian parents in Michigan, began his career with Jonathan Adler before striking out on his own. Known for his warmly modernist spaces and incorporation of vintage finds, Obeid’s designs are both inviting and sophisticated. He also launched a new furniture collection in the spring of 2024, further cementing his status as a design innovator.



Retrouvius – ELLE DECOR A-List 2024

Adam Hills and Maria Speake of Retrouvius are pioneers in the field of reclamation. Their regenerative approach breathes new life into salvaged materials, transforming them into chic design elements. Speake’s design studio recently revitalized a Paris triplex, blending historical charm with contemporary flair, as featured in ELLE DECOR’s October 2023 issue.

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Simba Square Rug

These ten designers represent the pinnacle of interior design excellence, each bringing a distinct vision and approach to their craft. As we look forward to another year of inspiring interiors, the ELLE DECOR A-List 2024 sets the bar high for creativity and innovation in the design world.

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