Kiev-based designer Pavel Vetrov has conceived the interior scheme of a hotel room, which sees a clear division between white space and color. the two opposing styles are split down the middle in a definitively straight line, breaking the space into two distinct compositions.


Facing the bed, the back wall is separated in two — one surface reveals a vibrant, artistic arrangement of colors, graphics, graffiti and collage; the other is completely white, with colorless furnishings and textiles.


The bed sheets share the same properties, with a pink and peach design canvassing the duvet cover up to its middle point. this half of the bed sits atop a patterned rug made up of illustrations, and comic figures, leading to a colored wall and window frame with a spray-painted effect.


One surface reveals a vibrant, artistic arrangement of colors, while the other is completely white.

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On the white side, chairs, tables, books and canvasses are all colorless. interspersed on the wall are a few saturated paintings, which add a burst of color to interior configuration.


The straight line divides color and graphics with an all-white interior scheme

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