Plaza Athénée Paris Hotel had an amazing reopening! See the amazing renovation of Plaza Athénée hotel restaurant and bar by Jouin-Manku Agency.

Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée

After several months of refurbishing, the Plaza Athénée hotel has reopened its doors and with it, the restaurant « Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée ».

Plaza Athénée hotel Amazing Reopening

Alain Ducasse tells a personal and radical story, continuing the work he began twenty-five years ago. He represents the naturalness cuisine, inspired by the fish-vegetables-cereals trilogy, with the help of his chef of Romain Meder. Healthier and more natural, more respectful of the Planet, it delivers a free and nearly instinctive interpretation of Haute Cuisine, revealing the produces’ original flavour, from the noble to the humble, all exceptional.

Plaza Athénée hotel Amazing Reopening

Turning his back on traditional presentation, wines are now classified by generation. 10 years, 15 years, all the way up to 55 years! A beautiful way to chose wine, defined by an event that marks a life and their celebration. Gérard Margeon, Executive Head Sommelier of Alain Ducasse’s restaurants and Laurent Roucayrol, the restaurant’s head sommelier, ensure wine selection.

Le Bar du Plaza Athénée

Over the last 13 years, Le Bar at the Plaza Athénée has become the place to meet in the capital – a coup largely due to Thierry Hernandez, who became manager of the bar in 2001, shortly after the Patrick Jouin’s first makeover. Inspired by the striking contemporary decor, the manager set about rethinking the cocktail menu in order to add even more surprise and innovation, while remaining in tune with the ambience of a bar much loved by Parisian high society.

Plaza Athénée hotel Amazing Reopening

Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku have adopted a bold and creative approach to Le Bar, plunging guests into a distinctive and dreamlike atmosphere.

Plaza Athénée hotel Amazing Reopening

The ceiling is hidden under an installation composed of wreaths of fabric whilst the oversized bar in transparent resin levitates within the space. As time passes, the contrast between the floor, the walls and ceiling fades away in an ingenious play of light. Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku have created a world in which time seems to stand still. A far cry from the conventional design of a hotel bar, the new Le Bar at the Plaza Athénée invents a whole new language and promises an unprecedented experience.

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Plaza Athénée hotel Amazing Reopening

In harmony with the spirit of his new bar, Thierry Hernandez injected fresh energy into the menu, concocting new textures, rethinking both the overall look and the service, in order to remain true to his philosophy of “maintaining a special relationship with clients.”

Ordering has become even more interactive. The menu can be called up with a flash code, so that the client may read it immediately on their smartphone or telephone and then order their drink.

Source: Covet Edition Magazine