Best Hotel Interior Designers: Denniston – After our article concerning luxury hotel design projects of the moment, we’ve now decided to go deeper about one of the most recognized companies working in hotel interior design projects.

Written by Joana Silva

Denniston is a consulting company, with nearly two decades, structured to provide the design services for projects that fall in the hospitality market. This is expert in several areas of architecture, interior design, planning sites and outdoor decoration. The numerous international Resort Design Projects throughout the world are often recognized and applauded by critics and professionals.

All projects hold great team always motivated and directed by a leader with high professional skills. On the site of the Denniston is told that the secret to any success is collaboration during the collective working for the whole team.

This consists of a total of 155 professional dispersed in 21 different countries. Denniston develops projects with splendid features, as is the case of The St. Regis Lhasa Tibet, a amazing resort, designed from scratch, and still has the particularity of being sustainable. It has solar panels, locally sourced produce and even a recycling system for groundwater. This company operates in all his works unexpected features that let customers and critics of art fascinated with the end product of each project.

The Designer Jean-Michel Gathy is the principal Designer and a conceptualizes all Design of DENNISTON company’s. Since 1993, this designer has contributed to the hotel interior designs world

Some of his works:

St Regis Lhasa Resort, Tibet

Aman Resorts, Singapore

Cheval Blanc Resorts

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts

Best Hotel Interior Designers: Denniston

Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts, Shanghai

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