10 modern hotel interior designs of 2013 – The provision of basic accommodation that we were used to in the past, consisting of a room with a bed, a cupboard and a small table has been replaced by rooms with modern facilities. The list of modern facilities tend to grow bigger and bigger every year and it seems that it isn’t enough to make a hotel look stunning. In fact, it isn’t enough. A hotel without a good interior design is nothing.

Top class hotels always want the best for their interiors and they hire top notch interior design firms to decorate their interiors: lobby, rooms, bathrooms and restaurants. They want their clients to have the best hotel experience of their life so they can come back in the future or recommend their services to one or more friends.

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In this small list you will see photos of interiors from various hotels across the world for you to have an idea of how a hotel should look like on the inside to provide an incredible luxury travel.

1. The Park Hotel in Bangalore, India

10 modern hotel interior designs of 2013

2. 25hours Hotel in Hamburg, Germany

10 modern hotel interior designs of 2013

3. New Majestic Hotel in Singapore

New Majestic Hotel, Singapore - 10 modern hotel interior designs of 2013

4. The Dominican in Brussels, Belgium

The Dominican, Brussels, Belgium

5. Granados 83 in Barcelona, Spain

Granados 83, Barcelona, Spain

6. Augarten Hotel in Graz, Austria

Augarten Hotel, Graz, Austria

7. Five Hotel & Spa in Cannes, France

Five Hotel & Spa, Cannes, France

8. Hotel Habita in Mexico City, Mexico

Hotel Habita, Mexico City, Mexico

9. Duomo Hotel & Nomi Club in Rimini, Italy

Duomo Hotel &Nomi Club, Rimini, Italy

10. Hotel La Renaissance in Marrakech, Morocco

Hotel La Renaissance, Marrakech, Morocco

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