Kent: “I told the architects that they must come up with a unique design. They had to create something new that you couldn’t find anywhere else in the world.” And thus it was born the idea of tree hotel which is one of the best hotels in Sweden with the most different rooms around the world.

Treehotel Mirrorcube 1

This is a tree hotel in the far north of Sweden, near the small village of Harads, close to the Arctic Circle. This has a shelter up in the trees; a lightweight aluminium structure hung around a tree trunk and a 4x4x4 meters box clad in mirrored glass. The exterior reflects the surroundings and the sky, creating a camouflaged refuge. The interior is all made of plywood and the windows give a 360 degree view of the surroundings.

cabine tree hotel 2

The construction also alludes to how man relates to nature, how we use high tech materials and products when exploring remote places in harsh climates (Gore-tex, Kevlar, composite materials, light weight tents, and others).

tree-hotel-blue cone 2

The functions included provide for a living for two people; a double bed, a small bath room, a living room and a roof terrace. Access to the cabin is by a rope bridge connected to the next tree.

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Blue Cone Tree Hotel 1

The tree houses are all so different. Your choice will depend on your mood. If you want to be free and alone, you stay in the Bird’s Nest because nobody can reach you up there. You can pull up the stairs with a remote control and you are free like a bird. It’s only got a small window but it’s great do some deep thinking. The Blue Cone has the biggest window with the best views and it’s the only one overlooking the river.

Cabine tree hotel 1

The Cabin is perfect for a couple, for a honeymoon maybe. The architecture of the room it is lovely. It has big bed in the center of the room where you can see nature outside from your pillow. It’s the biggest tree house with 24 square meters and has a big open terrace on the roof.


The Mirrorcube is very unique. It fits everywhere, because wherever you put it in the forest, it’s just the reflection of its surroundings, a reflection of nature.