Top amazing hotel lobbies around the world – The first impression is extremely important in forming opinion. So, the lobbies of the hotels has a very important role in the belief that the guests have the hotel. Here are presented five, charming and unusual, hotel reception designs, each one with its own characteristics.

Burj Al Arab hotel

1º Lobbie Dubai - Top amazing hotel lobbies around the world

The Burj Al Arab hotel is a towering achievement in design as a whole, but even broken down into its individual components, each one remains a visual treat. It all begins in the futuristic lobby, housed in a towering atrium and brought to life by an intriguing but relaxing colour scheme. The distinctive sail-shaped silhouette of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is more than just a stunning hotel, it is a symbol of modern Dubai.

ME Dubai Hotel

Dubai LOBBY 2 - Top amazing hotel lobbies around the world

The ME Dubai Hotel won’t actually open its doors to the public until 2016, but if the lobby is anything to go by, guests are in for a treat. The design combines the traditional with the futuristic to create a work of art with a lobby centrepiece that looks like it came straight out of a modernist painting.


Hyatt Regency San Francisco

Hyatt Regency San Francisco - lobby 3 - Top amazing hotel lobbies around the world

The lobby of the Hyatt Regency San Francisco is a staggering achievement in scale, breaking the record as the largest in the world. Boasting a stylish design and featuring such additions as an eye-catching sculpture, it is the size of the place that really makes it impressive.

Mukul Resort & Spa Rivas

Mukul Resort & Spa Rivas - 4º Lobby - Top amazing hotel lobbies around the world

Mukul Resort & Spa Rivas is located in Nicaragua. In addition to 37 plush suites and villas, 1,670 jungle acres and an 18-hole golf course, the new $38 million Mukul Resort & Spa in Nicaragua has a lobby worth bragging about. It’s topped with an oval palapa, crafted by 15 people over the course of a month, as well as a chandelier dreamed up by interior designer Paul Duesing. The artful piece made up of 152 baskets was created by local artisans.

Hotel Icon

Hotel_ICON_Hong Kong 5º Lobby

For the most part, the lobby of the Hotel Icon in Hong Kong is like any other, except for one thing: a vertical garden comprised of indigenous plants climbs up the wall to provide a surreally beautiful sight. It also happens to be the largest of its kind in Asia, spanning 18 metres.