Top 10 Resort Hotels in Thailand – Thailand is popular because of its vibrant culture, delicious food and stunning islands, a perfect paradise for people that like nature and adventure. Discovering this country is an amazing experience and today I will share with you the top resorts hotels in Thailand.

Metropolitan by Como | Bangkok

This beautiful hotel is well known for receiving celebrities, fashionistas and designers, the concept of the interior design, the healthy all day dinner, the wonderful Thai Restaurant Nahm and the wine-dark depths of the Met bar are the main reasons of all the attraction.

Top 10 Resort Hotels in Thailand

Anatara Chiang Mai

This luxury resort is unique because of the modern interior design with high bamboo-clad walls with an incredible river view. All guests can relax in the amazing spa, swimming-pool and enjoy a fine dining restaurant.

Top 10 Resort Hotels in Thailand

Aka Hua Hin

A calm and relax environment is what people can expect from Aka Huan Hin, the hotel interior design is nature oriented with a lot of green spaces and stunning collection of private pool villas.

Top 10 Resort Hotels in Thailand

Iniala Resort

This amazing resort is located between Phang Nga Ba and Phuket Island and has all the right to be included in the top 10 resort hotels in Thailand just because of its beauty and activities offered from kayak through the limestone caves or dive the Similan Islands to golf courses and trekking. It was also a choice of vacations from the famous Kardashians family.

Top 10 Resort Hotels in Thailand

Anantara Rasananda

This luxury boutique hotel is popular because of the full Moon parties at the beach with the perfect view of the Gulf of Thailand. The modern hotel room interior design is a must featuring king size beds and a direct door to the beach. Guests can participate in activities like yoga and spa sessions.

Top 10 Resort Hotels in Thailand


Located on the famous Koh Phi Phi Island this original beachfront resembles a traditional Thai village, the hotel interior design combines luxury with a rustic style.

Top 10 Resort Hotels in Thailand

Akaryn Boutique Hotel

Akaryn takes laid-back luxury to the next level, all rooms have private pools and sumptuous stone-carved bath tubs. All guests can delight themselves with the restaurant and a day in the spa.

Top 10 Resort Hotels in Thailand

Phulay Bay, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve

Located in the beautiful island Krabi the modern hotel room interior design have an outdoor bathing areas, plunge pools. The attention to detail gives to this hotel a special touch and sophistication.

Top 10 Resort Hotels in Thailand

Six Senses Yao Noi

The stunning resort has one of the best resort hotel design with a beautiful view over Phang Nga Bay´s Island. The décor resembles a tree house built in local reak, topped with a palm-leaf roof, a perfect place for relax.

Top 10 Resort Hotels in Thailand


With a modern architecture this hotel is great for people that are looking for party, having two dazzling beach clubs, and to complement the long nights dancing, guests can recover in the stunning spa.

Top 10 Resort Hotels in Thailand

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