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There’s a Heart that comes alive unique and sophisticated experiences on one five-star luxury Corinthia Hotel London.

This heart beating is materialised throught an unique ”Full Moon”chandelier  created by parisian designer Chafik Gasmi  and produced by Baccarat:  composed by of 1,001 crystal baubles in three varying sizes has a single red crystal lying at the heart of the piece.

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This single red  heart makes this impressive Victorian building has a unique life:  this body Corinthia Hotel London is a combination of a classical architectural structure  with a luxury modern way of  living. The beautifull interiors with unique columns, high ceilings, great areas bring to you a life full of history, confort together with contemporary Art and events. G A Design and David Collins Studio are responsables for the beautfifull contemporary interior design.

Once you are inside, you are welcome delicately that you feel at home… the personalised service makes you feel that they always wanted you were there!!

This composition of 294 rooms including 36 suites and 7 penthouses, is completed with unique restaurants: The Northall Restaurant who is at the elm, is the winner of  Michelin stars chef Garry Hollihead, serving the best british artisanal produce :

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Magnificent, delicious…

Also the modern italian cuisine at  Massimo Restaurant & Bar:

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At Massimo Restaurant you have also a private dinner room: in this one you can experience the chef cooking just only for you!!

The Bassoon,the musically decoration inspiration bar by the awarded-winning David Collins Studio:

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Victorian Ballroom as a  space for events such as weddings, so beautifull this room!!

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At Corinthia Hotel London, here  you find the best service to your body and mind : ESPA Life at Corinthia’ has exceptional therapists, naturopaths, acupuncturists, osteopaths and physiotherapits wich offer a exclusive and high level service.

The relaxing treatment that you can experience when you arrive here  is wonderfull:

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A ‘Sumptuous Sleep Retreat” is one of the special programs you can find in this luxury Spa combined with the other services at the hotel….

The suites that Corinthia Hotel London offers are unique for a well sleeping and energizing recharge:

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Is a special experience to be at Corinthia Hotel London: the craftmanship of care, devotion to detail are a truly plus.

The Lobby Lounge where our single red Heart beats is a place where everything around it happens:

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Corinthia Hotel London is a place of luxury, contemporary and  tradition aesthetics , unique cultural events along with the pursuit of a delicately attention to detail and intuitive service.