Studio Linda Ehrl

Studio Linda Ehrl was founded by Linda Ehrl. The Interior Design studio is located in Berlin. Linda was a fashion stylist for 11 years, for international fashion clients and magazines, and for about 4 years also in set design and interior. As a result, Ehrl is more involved in projects that combine several themes. For example, as an art director in advertising and fashion films, Ehrl designed the overall concept of styling and set design.

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Studio Linda Ehrl

In Studio Linda Ehrl they love to combine styles and eras if the job allows it. Ehrl customers say she breathes soul into the projects. The spaces she creates give the feeling of being a guest in a personal home. Linda works as a creative director, fashion & interior stylist for international magazines, fashion and interior companies.

The career of Linda Ehrl is one that has been constantly evolving the day she started travelling, sometimes even changing industry completely when moving to a new place (and she’s seen a few!).

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Interior Design Studio Linda Ehrl

Linda Ehrl combines consulting and set design for established fashion and interior houses. Since 2008 she has been working worldwide as a freelance creative director, fashion and interior stylist from her base office in Berlin. Linda Ehrl follows her passion by combining her special interests in fashion, art, interior, product and textile design with projects in film, dance, music, travel and hotel business.

Studio Linda Ehrl Hotel Projects

Designhotels, Myconian Kyma, Mykonos, Greece- Interior Styling

Designhotels, Myconian Kyma, Mykonos, Greece by studio Linda Ehrl  bedroom with a beautiful view to the sea.
Nicole Franzen
Annual Sales
Designhotels, Myconian Kyma, Mykonos, Greece by studio linda ehrl dining rrom with red dining charis, stone walls and chandeliers.
Nicole Franzen
BRABBU London Apartment
Designhotels, Myconian Kyma, Mykonos, Greece by Studio Linda Ehrl living room in with a white sofa, 2 blue pillows, a brown rug and a floor lamp in white.
Nicole Franzen
Designhotels, Myconian Kyma, Mykonos, Greece by Studio Linda Ehrl bar with a blue sofa, 3 blue dining sofas and several chandeliers on the wall.
Nicole Franzen

Studio Linda Ehrl designed Designhotels, Myconian Kyma while using the colours (the blue and white) and natural elements we associate when thinking of holidays in Greece.

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Designhotels, San Giorgio, Mykonos- Interior & Fashion Styling

Designhotels, San Giorgio, Mykonos by Studio Linda Ehrl hallway in white, with a wood center table, a wood armchair with a white pillow.
Nicole Franzen
ebook projects
Designhotels, San Giorgio, Mykonos by Studio Linda Ehrl dining room with wood dining chairs and wood dining tables, as well as white sofas.
Nicole Franzen
trend book, new trends 2022/ 2023
Designhotels, San Giorgio, Mykonos by Studio linda Ehrl outdoor space with one sofa, 2 armchairs around a wood center table.
Nicole Franzen

Partnership with Interior Design Lambs & Lions & Annabell Kutucu. This Designhotels is located in San Giorgio, Mykonos. With a design that brings the outside inside. Designhotels San Giorgio gives us a feeling of being lost in the middle of nature while being surrounded by a high-end interior design.

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