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Elicyon is a Top luxury interior design studio based in London that offers Interior Design, Interior Architecture and Project Management services. They aim to create unique and exclusive environments tailored to their clients’ requirements, crafted with precision and care, in some of the most desirable, prominent locations both in the UK and worldwide.

Luxury Interior Design

Sri Lanka Boutique Hotel Restaurant, by ELICYIONThis multidisciplinary studio creates Luxury Interior Design projects by providing a comprehensive, diverse and extensive service with the objective of achieving the client’s dreams and expectations. ELICYON was founded by the architect Charu Gandhi, that finds her inspiration in historical references and cultural details via travels and people, architecture, sculpture and theatre.

Luxury Interior Design

(from right to left) Charu Gandhi – Founder and Director, Cecilia Halling – Creative Director, David Harris – Projects Director, by ELICYON

Bellow, You’ll find some examples of their exquisite Luxury Interior Design projects.

Sri Lanka Boutique Hotel

Luxury Interior Design

Sri Lanka Boutique Hotel Bar, by ELICYON

Based in Sri Lanka‘s rich heritage, this Luxury Interior Design project modelled on a fusion of the British old colonial style with references to a traditional English manor house. The layout comprises of a series of luxurious yet charming spacious country bungalows and planters cottages, arranged around the central space of the elegant and sleek Manor House, with beautiful four-poster beds, bespoke chandeliers and bold fabrics keep the space feeling contemporary with a nostalgic glamour of a time gone by.

Chelsea Barracks Entrances

Luxury Interior Design

Chelsea Barracks Entrance, by ELICYON

This Luxury Interior Design is part of a project that ELYCION made for Chelsea Barracks. The grand hallway at Whistler Square was curated in a way that prevents the space from being too imposing, with an elegant opened up seating area to the immediate left upon entering, and then a more private and discreet layout of seating areas nestled further down along the hallway, it provides the residents with a clear choice as to what sort of area they want to relax in at that moment.

The Garrison Club

Luxury Interior Design

The Garrison Club, by ELICYON

Curated to provide the Chelsea Barracks’ residents with the most exclusive lifestyle, The Garrison Club is a Luxury Interior Design project that features bold statement pieces and varying specialist materiality have been used, to markedly connect the space with the desired experience in mind. For example, the two boardrooms within the business amenities, are inspired by the botanists and collectors living and studying in Chelsea in the 17th and 18th century. This Luxury Interior Design project takes inspiration from the many treasures that were brought back from all corners of the world, reflecting this in the curation of objet, use of pattern and rich spice-based colour palette.

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Proud of their heritage while maintaining a global reach, ELYCION creates wonderful Luxury Interior Design projects, which you can explore here. You can also visit their website here.

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