Humbert et Poyet, both passionate about the great French tradition of the Decorative Arts as well as contemporary art, work like sparring partners creating extremely spectacular spaces imbued with a luxurious feel.

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Humbert et Poyet

Emil Humbert is an architect, and Christophe Poyet is an interior designer – both trained in Paris, they were design and fashion devotees who decided to use their design skills and creativity tools to provide and offer a range of unique design services from construction to contemporary interior design. So it was in 2007 that Humbert and Poyet naturally establish their own design studio, Humbert et Poyet.

Humbert et Poyet Style

Their modern design projects, which are recognized and acknowledged as top interior designers, focus on exquisite and scrupulous designs to construct and produce timeless interiors employing premium materials such as stone, wood, and bronze. The most important factor is to express the client’s individuality while also respecting the spirit of the location.

A predisposition toward subtle richness can be seen in their work, resulting in the creation of places that are exquisite yet firmly of the present. Above all, they want to elicit an emotional response that can be expressed through features, volumes, materials, and overall aesthetics.

Humbert et Poyet: Restaurants Interior Design Ideas

Beefbar Athènes

Humbert et Poyet: Restaurants Interior Design Ideas. Beefbar Athènes project. Restaurant with black counter stools and golden details.

As we mentioned above, Humbert et Poyet’s main goal, as top interior designers, is to communicate the personality of their clients and also respect the nature of the space. In this project, they have used colours that are associated with ancient Greece, such as golden and blue tones. The use of tiles with an antique look bring charm to the design and connection to the location of the restaurant.

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Beefbar Paris

Humbert et Poyet: Restaurants Interior Design Ideas. Beefbar Paris project. Restaurant with upholstered sofa and dining chairs.

The industrial ceiling and the black and austere façade are contrasted by saturated colours and trendy furnishings. Art Nouveau-inspired carpets and Art Deco patterns abound, all paying homage to the city’s illustrious design past.

BRABBU London Apartment


Humbert et Poyet: Restaurants Interior Design Ideas. Cozza project. Restaurant with contemporary design and blue tones.

The perfect combination of province, classic and modern style. This creation is the perfect definition of timeless design.

Beefbar Hong Kong

Humbert et Poyet: Restaurants Interior Design Ideas. Beefbar Hong Kong project. Restaurant with marble wall, black dining chairs and brass details

With marble walls, dining chairs lined in leather and golden brassed details, this interior design reflects all we considered luxurious.

Song Qi

Humbert et Poyet: Restaurants Interior Design Ideas. Song Qi project. Restaurant with upholstered dining chairs and counter stools.

The exquisite Chinese restaurant takes you on a one-of-a-kind trip that engages all of your senses. Its interior design emphasizes a personal atmosphere defined by modernity, elegance, and timeless values. Features like an elaborate black-and-white contrast, subtle tones of brass, and velvety green furnishings give this one-of-a-kind eating location a pleasant feel.

Get the Look

Get the Look

Beefbar Monaco

Humbert et Poyet: Restaurants Interior Design Ideas. Beefbar Monaco project. Restaurant with leather sofa and dining chairs and brass details

A design created by the very best Humbert et Poyet in which the main element is leather has no way of not being incredibly luxurious. This material connects us with the very atmosphere of Monaco and its yachts.

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