Every Hotel wants to provide exclusive hotel experiences and a good night of sleep. Hotel Interior Designs will give you today the best 7 tips to create unforgettable luxury suites.

Sleeping well provides countless health benefits. In addition to a pleasant sensation of sleeping well, sleep is a primary moment and, therefore, affects our ability to reason and take decisions. So, with some hotel interior design tips, every hotel can allow its guests to have great rest in each luxury travel.

1. Guest Room Environment

"Guest Room Environment"

It’s important to have a décor that not only suits your taste but makes you feel good and relaxed.

Tip #1: Classic colours

"Guest Room decor with classic colours"

2. Mattress

"Mattress, very important for a good sleep, by Persono"

This is an obvious one – without the right matress you will continue to wake up not feeling great. So, throw out that old mouldy mattress and spare no effort in choosing your mattress and pillow. All mattresses should respond according to the shape of your body, instead of sinking or sagging fully or in part.

Tip #2: a Persono mattress – is an hygienic mattress that is also a design piece.

"Mattress by Persono"

3. The Bed

"Hotel bed"

Just like the mattress, the bed is a major factor. It needs a good lombar suppport but also, a good support for your mattress. Also, the bed is the focal point of any room, so buy a beautifull one – and the most luxurious bedding you can find.

Tip #3: Forbidden Bed by Koket

Forbidden bed, by Koket

4. Make it bright

"Hotel guest room - make it bright"

Of course it’s nice to sleep in the dark. However, you should let natural light come in during the day. Wide windows not only help with the light, but also with the heat. For your guest rooms consider having sheer curtains to help keep the room bright. Since at night it is, well, dark, opt for a good lamp.

Tip #4: Billy Table by Delightfull

Billy Table Lamp by Delightfull

5. Designer Furniture

"Guest room with design furniture"

More than just the bed, the rest of the guest room should have the best design. Be bold!

Tip #5: Get a nightstand that you love and a chest of drawers that makes that suite an imaginary place. See this one, the Crochet by Boca do Lobo.

"Crochet by Boca do Lobo"

6. Wall art and Mirrors

"Hotel tips: wall art"

Spice up the walls – don’t let them just be there empty. Paint them, put some painting or frames on it or simply use a mirror.

Tip #6: Apollo mirror by Boca do Lobo

"Apollo mirror, by Boca do Lobo"

7. Upholstery

"Use good design Upholstery in hotel guest rooms"

Finalize the suite décor with a great sofa or armchair. Confortable, yet funtional and filled with design.

Tip #7: : The Matis armchair by BRABBU.

"The Matis armchair by BRABBU"

Via: My Design Week