"Modern Bar Stools"

Would you like to have in your Hotel a modern and stylish bar area? You can choose the classic bar counters and stools commonly used in bars a little everywhere, or you can decide for a modern, original and innovative design, that will bring your hotel a bit of extra spice that makes things different, exciting and comfortable. With this luxurious hotel furniture, your hotel will become unforgettable. To improve your hotel interior design, here are some of the best bar stools of this year.

Monster, by moooi"Monster, by moooi"

A stool soft, swollen and fashion as a symbol of the eternal struggle between opposing forces that take place in life and can be easily recognized within us, if we have the courage to open the eyes.

Le Spighe, by Poltrona Frau

"Le Spighe, by Poltrona Frau"

A new interpretation of bar stool. The footrest extends cantilevered from the seat and the soft disc of the session seems to float above the seat in American walnut. The result is a stool of great charm, made with materials and finishes chosen for long life. Seat upholstered in Frau Leather®.

Chandra, by KOKET"Chandra Bar Stool, by KOKET"

A nice novelty, this piece is bold and glamorous. The edge of this modern bar stool exudes the feeling of vintage glam, don’t you think? Elegant, with a very feminine touch, you can use it in your hotel projects in bar or restaurant areas.

Otto, by Zanotta"Otto, by Zanotta"

A stool with chromed steel structure. Seat upholstery in polyurethane, with elastic strips suspension. Removable fabric or leather 95.

Cindy, by Cattelan Italia

"Cindy, by Cattelan Italia"

A stool with frame in natural beech, walnut, cherry, wenge, silver or black. Seat and back upholstered in fabric or leather. The upholstery is not removable.