Hospitality design trends:101 Hotel Lobbies, Bars & Restaurants (published by Braun Publishing), is the second release in the “101” book series by interior architecture specialists Corinna Kretschmar-Joehnk and Peter Joehnk.

Following the duo’s comprehensive analysis of guestroom design in 101 Hotel Rooms, this new English language reference guide explores public spaces in hospitality venues through examples drawn from the diverse international portfolio which JOI-Design, their Hamburg-based studio, has built in its 20-year history.

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Hospitality design trends: 101 HOTEL LOBBIES, BARS & RESTAURANTS



The hotel lobby as reception area and gathering place is one of the most important and prestigious areas of a hotel. Initial contact with guests is made in this public space and it plays a major role in determining whether they will feel at home during their stay. In the same way as a restaurant or bar, the lobby serves a double function – it offers relaxation and communication.

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This volume uses selected international projects by Corinna Kretschmar-Joehnk and Peter Joehnk to present a wide spectrum of different ways to design these key areas of a hotel. The various design concepts from these two renowned experts create authentic locations with their own, distinctive character. Whether it’s a venerable grand hotel, a trendy budget resort or a luxury boutique hotel – the right ambiance is created each and every time.

“Numerous photos, renderings, sketches, floorplans, and perspective drawings throughout the book’s 232 pages depict innovative ideas for hoteliers, architects, interior designers, investors, developers and students alike. Unusual finishes, dramatic lighting, stylish furnishings and carefully considered layouts come together in imaginative and witty forms to shape atmospheres which feel exclusive yet inclusive, all at the same time. As places to see and be seen, the flexibility to adapt to changing needs is vital. In a hotel lobby, for instance, a group meeting prior to a sightseeing trip might need to coexist with a single traveller wishing to check e-mails in privacy.” in Joy-Design Blog.

“Restaurants and bars should be designed with materials that will endure and be suitable for a high turnover of guests with all different kinds of needs and habits. Yet they also need to feel special and welcoming, like a beautiful home where people are invited as friends. Intimate nooks for private tête-à-têtes are balanced with buzzing social spaces.” in Joy-Design Blog


“Each scenario is filled with the imaginative nuances guests often discover upon second glance. It is this attention-to-detail which lingers in the mind, shaping an atmosphere that becomes a cherished experience. With 101 Hotel Lobbies, Bars & Restaurants, Peter Joehnk and Corinna Kretschmar-Joehnk have not only illustrated a pictorial gallery of inspirational ideas, they have also created a guide that offers pioneering insight into modern lifestyles.” in Joy-Design Blog.

Hospitality design and its trends in a book. Enjoy!

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