Hotel Unique São Paulo

If you’re traveling in business or just for leisure, you must choose the best hotels to stay. S. Paulo, one of the most visited cities in the world, has incredible solutions for you. Take a look on these 5 Top Design Hotels in S. Paulo waiting for you.

Hotel Unique São Paulo

hotel unique sao paulo

hotel unique sao paulo pool

It is a unique reference to modern architecture and originality. On the rooftop, besides the pool, the Unique Hotel has an amazing view over the city.




It is a fine example of luxury hospitality. “Guests experience authentic and modern Brazilian sophistication through contemporary ambiance, refined cuisine and singularly warm service.”. Was designed by the local architect Arthur Casas.

L’Hotel Porto Bay São Paulo

l'Hotel porto bay in-Sao-Paulo4

l'hotel porto bay-in-Sao-Paulo3

This hotel offers an European design ambience. It is the most exclusive boutique hotel in Sao Paulo.

Grand Hyatt São Paulo


Hotel Grand Hyatt sao paulo

One of best Luxury hotels in Sao Paulo just at United Nations Avenue and the financial district.

The Fasano

the fasano hotel sao paulo bar

the fasano hotel sao paulo

Designed by local architects  Isay Weinfeld and Marcio Kogan, it is considered the best hotel in São Paulo due to the dining experience its restaurant offers

Source: My Design Week