Best pool hotels in Las Vegas

Looking for the largest, weirdest and most elegant hotel pools in Las Vegas? Even when summer is at its hottest (note: the mercury regularly rises above 110 degrees), visitors know they’ll find a great spot to cool off in. Not only do the hotel swimming pools in this city have things like lazy rivers and wave machines, but they also have towering Greek statues and shark aquariums. Here’s a list of our favorite hotel pools to take a plunge when you want to beat the heat.

Mandalay Beach

Best pool hotels in Las Vegas

There’s nothing quite like this 11-acre, South Seas-themed aquatic playground. In addition to three large pools, a lazy river with a current that runs at 3 mph and 2,700 tons of white sand, it has a three-story, glass-enclosed building with a casino and a “toptional” pool club called Moorea Beach Club.

A 1.6-million-gallon wave pool surrounds the elevated Beach Stage. You can enjoy concerts here on hot summer nights while wading in its surf.

Garden of the Gods

Best pool hotels in Las Vegas

This outdoor oasis boasts eight different pools (each one is named after a Greek god) – including Venus Pool Club, where European-style sunbathing is allowed. Scattered among the landscape are beautiful fountains and waterfalls as well as blue-cushioned lounge chairs and daybeds. Plus, there’s a snack bar called Snackus Maximus, swim-up blackjack tables and lavish bottle service provide by “goddesses.”


The Tank

Best pool hotels in Las Vegas

This $30 million outdoor complex has a lovely curved pool with two cascading waterfalls as well as a hot tub, the H2O Bar and several blackjack tables on its main floor. A child-free zone (guests must be at least 16 years old to enter) called The Hideout is located on the second floor with its own two-story infinity pool.

There’s a 200,000-gallon aquarium filled with several different species of sharks and other colorful creatures from the ocean – and a three-story water slide takes you right through the center of it!

Beach Club Pool

Best pool hotels in Las Vegas

There’s nothing quite like this family-friendly pool area situated at the center of one of the Strip’s few remaining historic hotels. The setting is lush because it’s adjacent to the Wildlife Habitat, where a collection of feathered friends (like swans, ducks and, of course, flamingos) as well as koi and turtles make their home. The main pool is shaped like a big lagoon, while a maze of water slides winds through rocky caves into smaller terraced pools. There is also a special pool for adults – the GO Pool, which has more of a nightclub-like vibe. Snacks are available from the nearby Beach Club Café.

A large swim-in grotto beneath three gushing waterfalls makes for a fun escape from the sun on scorching days.

Soleil Pool

Best pool hotels in Las Vegas

One giant octagon-shaped pool provides lots of room for swimmers on the resort’s two-acre rooftop deck. Located on the third floor, you’ll delight in views of replicated Paris landmarks as well as of the Fountains of Bellagio and several hotel frontages along the Strip. A secluded area bordered by rose bushes enfolds two big hot tubs.