An inside look at: The Dolder Grand in Zurich – The magnificent Dolder Grand it´s located in one of Zurich’s slopes. This Hotel shows its majesty to those who want to relax and contemplate their time in one of the most iconic and luxurious hotels of Zurich.

An inside look at: The Dolder Grand in Zurich

The hotel was reinvented by Foster + Partners in 2002 to 2008, the renovation taken into the Dolder restores the logic of the original hotel designed in 1899 by Jacques Gros. The Dolder features an 42 000m² area, in which the spa takes 4.000 square-meters.

In April 2008 the Dolder has its big reopen, this new resort counts with 173 rooms and suits.

As this is a luxurious hotel it also count with famous personalities passing by the hotel during the years. The illustrious Hillary Clinton, the famous Leonardo DiCaprio and other Hollywood film stars were some of the notorious people to pass by in the Dolder. Also in 1899, the history of the Dolder Grand has been populated by a stream of VIPs including Henry Kissinger, Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein, Liz Taylor and Luciano Pavarotti.

An inside look at: The Dolder Grand in Zurich


In the main entrance of the hotel we can find the reception where the concierge will receive you with all the attention and care that you expect in a 5 star hotel. In this space it´s possible to accede to all of the main areas, the restaurant, the spa and of course the rooms and suits.

An inside look at: The Dolder Grand in Zurich



The Spa it’s a really piece of art in this 5 star hotel. To access to this part you will pass in a hall with exhibitors of jewelry, bags, accessories and communication of sotheby’s. The Spa it’s in the minus one level and there you will find amazing staff which will guide you in the most extraordinary experiences. This area of the hotel it´s composed by several areas which include a relaxing room with mirrors and hot seating’s and the object in here it’s to relax and meditate and enjoy the amazing atmosphere that this room gives.

An inside look at: The Dolder Grand in Zurich

Than you will continue your journey and you can enjoy your breakfast or your snack in the spa bar and if you want to put up on reading you can also have a leisure time in the spa library. However the spa has much more to offer to you such as an amazing interior swimming pool and exterior hot Jacuzzi with an amazing view to Zurich’s lake.

An inside look at: The Dolder Grand in Zurich

In the spa you can also have massages and beauty treatments. The treatments are carried out using exclusive lines of products such as La Prairie, Kerstin Florian, Amala and Horst Kirchberger.

The massages use the Japanese style of relaxation, like the Bamboo Shiatsu massage. Hydraheaven by Kerstin Florian, a full-body moisturizing treatment, gives you the feeling of weightlessness.

Body rituals may be compiled as a series of individual 30-minute treatments. A massage forms the basic treatment, combined with at least one of three body treatments: body scrub, body wrap or bath ritual.

An inside look at: The Dolder Grand in Zurich

If you would like to shop or take a cut you can also do that in the spa area, in which it´s available a shopping area with the latest trends of fashion and also a hairstylist ready to make the perfect cut or perfect hairstyle to that special moment.

An inside look at: The Dolder Grand in Zurich


2 Star Michelin Restaurant

The Dolder Grand restaurant offers a large selection of gourmet cuisine provided by the Chef Heiko Nieder. This restaurant it’s awarded with two Michelin stars and eighteen GaultMillau points.

In the restaurant menu you can find several and distinctive plates, but you should taste the Amuse Bouche Menu, which features a cross section of The Restaurant’s culinary range, or a 4-course or 5-course lunch. In the evening the restaurant offers a 5-course and 8-course dinner, a special vegetarian meal and the 12-course Tasting Menu.

The interior of the restaurant it’s decorated with luxurious and stately pendant chandeliers, with red chairs and square tables strategically distributed by the restaurant space.

An inside look at: The Dolder Grand in Zurich

Rooms and suits

The hotel it´s composed by different rooms and suits. The rooms are composed by the single room superior, the double room superior and the deluxe. Regarding the suits the hotel offers some options like: junior suite superior, junior suite deluxe, junior suites grand, suite superior, suites deluxe,  suites grand, golf suit, suite 100, masina, carezza, maestro and also a residential named terraza suite.

All of the rooms and suites are decorated in neutral tones as beiges and browns, with simple furniture with modern lines, like the Swiss like.

Some of the rooms have a terrace with view to the lake.

An inside look at: The Dolder Grand in Zurich


In the outside of the hotel you can appreciate the view of the city and also see the lake. If you´re a golf affectionate you can also bring your golf club and give a hand putting on the golf turf in front of the hotel.   

An inside look at: The Dolder Grand in Zurich 

If you have the chance to go to Zurich, you shouldn´t miss this amazing hotel that will provide you quality and relaxing time.