What would your dream bar lounge luxury decor look like? Do you enjoy the simplicity or perhaps you prefer an eclectic mix of colour, texture, and pattern? Whatever your preference is, the design and style of a lounge room is an important core to any hospitality project. By incorporating key elements and decor styles, you can create an iconic lounge bar seating, as the following examples.

The Gallery at Sketch London

Created in collaboration between stalwart French chef Pierre Gagnaire and restaurateur Mourad Mazouz. Since it opened in 2002, has been one of the worldwide most buzzed lounge bar seating.  Designed to combine fine dining with music and art, this is a Mayfair institution that’s unlike any other London restaurant. Here, the two Michelin starred cuisine of Gagnaire takes center stage in a series of eclectic dining rooms, alongside fine wines and a series of inventive cocktails.

Quirky is perhaps the first word that comes to mind when describing the décor here, from the Lecture Room & Library, which was imagined by interior designer Gabhan O’Keeffe, to the modern European Gastro-Brasserie, The Gallery; a space that’s instantly recognizable for its distinct pink décor and witty artwork, the walls here have been decorated with 239 of the celebrated artist David Shrigley’s drawings.

The soft pink interior, which was designed by India Mahdavi, incorporates complementary copper accents and playful design features from pink velvet upholstered chairs to ceramic tableware designed by Shrigley. This playful decadence and contemporary design sit harmoniously alongside the grandeur of the dining room’s herringbone marble flooring and domed ceiling.

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By the way, if you’re in London for the next couple of weeks, we invite you to take a look at this showroom where you can have a few inspirations for future restaurant interior design projects:


At The Tower Bar, inside the 14-story Sunset Tower Hotel on West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, a star-studded scene isn’t just an awards season occurrence. As popular now as it was when the art deco building opened its doors in 1931, the venue continues to be one of L.A.’s premier gathering spots for industry movers and shakers.

No surprise it’s a favourite among the entertainment elite: with dark rose-coloured lighting, crisp white tablecloths, wood panelling decorated in retro celebrity photos and live jazz music floating through the air, The Tower Bar instantly transports you to the golden era of cinema. Pair the carefully crafted vibe — interiors by renowned decorator Paul Fortune — famous for his strategic lounge bar seating. Discover the best Los Angeles restaurants!


This full-service restaurant inside the Five-Star Four Seasons Hotel Boston is the favorite haunt for the city’s power players to make deals, socialize or sip stiff gin and tonics at the end of the day. With its windows overlooking the historic Boston Public Garden, there’s as much to see outside the comfortable, clubby space as there is inside the 27-table dining room.

Overall, the menu focuses on comfort-driven New England fare, with dishes such as the famous Bristol Burger (topped with homemade pickles and served with truffle fries) and the lobster cobb salad, the go-to choice for the ladies who lunch here.

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THE BURJ AL ARAB HOTEL – Al Muntaha lounge bar

One of the most dazzling and spectacular luxury lounge bars in the world atop the world’s most luxurious seven-star hotel the Burj Al Arab on the Arabian Gulf, one is awed into admiring silence by the sweeping 180 degrees, wide-angled panoramas across the blue ocean and the City of Gold in resplendent glory.

The ultramarine, turquoise, emerald and buff aquamarine hues with steel framework on elevated levels of this spherically appealing bar with ultra-seductive chaises and lounge sofas looking across the spanning wide glass frames, add multi-dimensional enigma in varying proportions.


Jaw-dropping, spectacular views freeze your gaze across the stunningly picturesque Victoria Harbor below and beyond at 490 meters, the highest floor in this grand luxury landmark. As the ever-alive bejewelled city shimmers in its global grandeur, we take in the tizzy heights in strobe neon psychedelia at this highest bar in the world at the world’s highest super grand luxury five-star hotel.

This spectacular rooftop entertainment sensation for the world’s upwardly futuristic mavens and makers spreads out its large-hearted sparkle as the hottest, trendiest and most patronized nocturnal den in all Hong Kong.

HOTEL CAMIRAL PGA Catalunya resort

Relaxed and informal, the Lounge Bar captures the passion and personality of its location. The menu offers the right balance between a range of local dishes, all made with market ingredients of the very highest quality and type of the Catalan area and an international offer that provides a choice of lighter dining options alongside classic bar favorites and fresh seafood, all of the course complemented by a unique selection of local and world wines.


This NYC hotel’s lounge bar seating combines the comfort of your own living room with the drama of a lavishly adorned theatre. A stainless-steel fireplace anchors the two-story room and reflects its energy. Richly textured chairs and couches, in muted shades of primary colours, are grouped for conversation.

The opposition between the strong lines and the elegant curves, the high and low structures, the feminine elegance and the masculine strength will, for sure, give your projects a sophisticated look to any lounge bar decor.

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