Asian culture has been an inspiration for restaurants, hotels, and bar, for a long time, but in this last 2 decades approximately, we are witnessing a growth in contract projects featuring these features, showcasing an array of traditional details while merging and bringing balance between colonial to create a level of luxury and sophistication. Today we show you a synonymous of this with a Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur, where you can easily steal Trigona lounge bar decor ideas designed by AB Concept.

Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur has opened its doors in the city’s Golden Triangle district, unveiling three unique spaces by Hong Kong-based interior design studio AB Concept. Curated by co-founders Ed Ng and Terence Ngan – Yun House, The Lounge at Four Seasons and Bar Trigona merge colonial and Asian influences, paying homage to Chinese and Malaysian heritage.


Guests entering Yun House, the main restaurant interior design dining area, are greeted by a decadent courtyard-style reception, complete with an onyx table and an elaborate pewter back panel. Paying tribute to its country – the world’s largest pewter producer – the panel is entirely bespoke with patterns of plum blossoms, orchids, bamboo and chrysanthemum flowers. Together these flowers represent the Four Seasons known as the “Four Gentlemen” in Chinese artistry.

Evident throughout the hotel interior decor, and most apparent in the ‘a la carte’ dining room area, the use of high ceilings and natural light channel Malaysia’s longstanding tradition of socializing in gardens, and therefore serve to invite the vibrancy of the outdoors into the courtyard common areas.

Directly overlooking Kuala Lumpur’s central park, The Lounge at Four Seasons is a lavish veranda-style space located on the sixth floor of the hotel. Boasting pale wooden accents, The Lounge naturally integrates with the urban scene beneath. With a calming ambiance and rattan details, the space exudes opulence while paying homage to the city’s colonial history.

Through skilful use of marble details, this seating area is a symbolic adaptation of typical colonial arrangements which have been thoughtfully combined with custom Malaysian structures. Together these elements provide a holistic illustration of the blending of cultures.

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Bar Trigona can be accessed through a discrete entryway within The Lounge at Four Seasons into an intimate space filled with deep, luxurious textures. The single access point is disguised by panelled doors to allow the area to remain disguised. Adorned by calming shades of imperial blue and teal, elegantly complemented by timeless pendant lamps which grace a monumental ceiling, Bar Trigona poses as a reserved escape from the surrounding vibrant restaurant interior design.

Incorporating leather, glass, and bronze, materials traditionally used in Malaysian crafts, the bar decor ideas embrace the connection to the cityscape backdrop, whilst the use of shutters on surrounding columns draw on the connection between Eastern culture and Western colonial influence.

Yun House, the main dining area at the 209-key property, was inspired by past Canton voyagers and is fronted by a decadent courtyard-style reception, complete with an onyx table and pewter back panel. In a nod to its native country – the world’s largest pewter producer – the bespoke panel features patterns of plum blossoms, orchids, bamboo and chrysanthemum flowers, which together represent the four seasons known as the ‘Four Gentlemen’ in Chinese artistry.

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