Many hotel projects focused on offering a striking first impression. The importance of entrance lobbies is growing, as social encounters become more and more dependent on this particular hotel area. The brand LASVIT  has established itself as the authority delivering bespoke lighting sculptures and art installations made from hand-blown glass. Today, Hotel Lobbies will show you Top Lasvit Hotel Interior Designs For Your Project.

Hotel lighting ideas - Lasvit St Regis hotel

The brand LASVIT, founded in 2007 by Leon Jakimic, combines the authenticity of glass with innovative technologies and creative craftsmanship. Collaborations with renowned designers and artists gave life to unique glass collections.

Four Seasons Hotel – Beijing, China

The luxury hotel, located within the Yansha area of the Central Business District, is positioned in the city’s most dynamic business and entertainment area. The Four Seasons Hotel is warm and individual touches enhance the residential feeling of this luxurious Beijing accommodation. Illuminated glass sculptures by Lasvit adorn different parts of the hotel ideas.

Lasvit Hotel Ideas- Four Seasons Hotel Beijing

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Alain Ducasse at Morpheus Hotel- Macau, China

The Morpheus Hotel, named after the God of Dreams, honours the legacy of Greek mythology and symbolizes the evolution of Macao into a fantasy world where the impossible becomes reality. Step into Alain Ducasse’s restaurant and dine in the gastronomic sanctuary“ with sunlight captured in Czech glass.

Lasvit Hotel Ideas- Alain Ducasse at Morpheus Hotel
Lasvit Hotel Ideas- Alain Ducasse at Morpheus Hotel

The restaurant pays tribute to the tradition of Chinese gardens. As soon as you walk in, you find yourself in the middle of a bamboo forest. The stylish Czech chandeliers are also installed in the kitchen, where the chef creates outstanding dishes. “Before cooking, there is nature,” says Alain Ducasse who holds 21 Michelin stars.

Atlantis Hotel-Sanya, China

Watch life swarm on the coral reef without stepping into the water. In the lobby of the Atlantis hotel in Hainan floats the school of fish up and down in the rhythm of the music and occasionally dive into the pool in the reef to hide there.

Lasvit Hotel Ideas- Atlantis Hotel- Sanya, China

Beautifully arranged hand-blown glass elements with a static reef and dynamically moving fishes above. A daring combination of a static yet kinetic sculpture.

Conrad Hotel-Bangalore, India

Come and step into the light. The glass copula planted with shining glass pieces leads the light inside the Conrad hotel and bath the lobby in the sunshine. Decorative rings seem to freely drop from the center of the copula, but never overshadow the attractive effect of the glass dome above.

Lasvit Hotel Ideas- Conrad Hotel- Bangalore, India

The installation is integrated into the ceiling in the form of an art dome. The sculpture symbolizes traditional Indian bracelets.

Der Öschberghof-  Donaueschingen, Germany

Far away from the city’s hustle and bustle, Öschberghof resort rejuvenates its clients like a fountain of life. Lasvit has created an especially delicate and elegant installation that compliments the atmosphere of this quiet haven.

Lasvit Hotel Ideas - Der Öschberghof

The installation in the hotel lobby is called “Spring,” and is inspired by the resort’s closest surroundings, referring to the blooming spirit of the nearby meadows, as well as to the Danube river which springs nearby.

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Grand Hyatt Hotel- Taipei, China

Three spirals of glass fragility swirl in the lobby of the Grand Hyatt hotel in Taipei. The long-standing icon of the city is now filled with Bohemian perfection. LASVIT repeatedly tied hands with interior designer AEDAS to create outstanding chandeliers tailor-made for space.

Lasvit Hotel Ideas- Grand Hyatt Hotel

The chandeliers look very subtle, but they are incredibly resistant in reality. The construction is designed to withstand frequent earthquakes in the region. Designer Katarina Kudějová Fulínová multiplicated glass rods in circles and achieved the illusion of vortices swirling above the tables.

Hyatt Regency Petrovsky Park Hotel- Moscow, Russia

Romantic and gentle esthetics imbued the spaces of Hyatt Regency hotel in Moscow. From reception to the ballroom, the ceilings are beaded with crystal pieces shining like a rainbow.

Lasvit Hotel Ideas- Hyatt Regency Petrovsky Park Hotel
Lasvit Hotel Ideas- Hyatt Regency Petrovsky Park Hotel

The modern Hyatt Regency hotel stands near the famous Petrovsky Palace built for Catherine the Great. Lasvit brings pieces of beauty and luxury back to the place from which Russian tsars began their journeys to the Kremlin for their coronation.

Lotte Hotel- Samara, Russia

With the idea of the sun setting down over the river Volga while sitting in his apartment in the Samara city, Dmitry Shostakovich created his famous Seventh Symphony. LASVIT’ s designers held the same picture in mind when they created the lighting installation for the Lotte Hotel in the Russian city.

Lasvit Hotel Ideas- Lotte Hotel- Samara
Lasvit Hotel Ideas- Lotte Hotel- Samara

The atmosphere of fluttering light on the river surface is entangled into the lighting installations in three entrance spaces of the hotel. Let yourself be inspired by amber waves at the entrance, in the lobby, and also at the reception of the hotel.

SLS Lux Brickell Hotel- Miami, USA

Although Miami is definitely sun-drenched, it would be swamped in darkness if it weren’t for the lights designed by the renowned duo of Yabu Pushelberg for the SLS LUX Brickell Hotel.

Lasvit Hotel Ideas- SLS Lux Brickell Hotel Miami

Right over the reception by the main entrance shines the customized installation of one of LASVIT’s most beloved lighting collections – Cipher, also designed by Yabu Pushelberg.

St. Regis Hotel- Astana, Kazakhstan

Stories can travel far and wide and spread their wings over distant regions. So did the story of Simurgh, the mythological bird, who appeared in glass form in St. Regis, one of Kazakhstan’s best five-stars hotels.

Lasvit Hotel Ideas- St. Regis Hotel
Lasvit Hotel Ideas- St. Regis Hotel

The mythological bird of magnificent size and beauty served as the source of inspiration for the glass-art installations designed by Petra Krausová in hotel’s pre-function area. The art-piece gives the impression of layered feathers on wings of birds. The overall captures phases of movement in the flight of a bird of prey.

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