As the title says, we are going to talk about 2020 hospitality design trends, to give your hotel decor style a better look, and show you 10 beautiful examples which you will fall in love immediately. So, let’s start with the first beauty:

This first beauty, transmit a natural look and such positive energy just by the combination of the palette of colours from the inside of hotel room with the outside nature! It creates a cosy place where your guest can spend time and relax while enjoying the hotel decor style.

Here we have a large bright hotel lobby area composed of a custom-designed curved sofa, which fits perfectly with the center table, giving a styling look that goes well in a modern hotel interior design style.

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In this picture, you can see a wide modern hotel room design ideas with the advantage of the natural light due to the huge windows and a perfect conjugation of colours between the upholstered, table, and rug. The choice to combine the outside tons with the inside inspiration for the hotel decor style transmit a statement about your hotel brand, it can be easy to adapt this type of hotel lighting design with a natural inspire hotel interior design.

In this wide hotel room, we have very inspirational details, with beautifully upholstered armchairs with autumn tons palette, perfect centre table and the conjugation of colours provide a perfect mood and atmosphere capable to invoke an ultimate cosy and “feel like home” environment to all your guests and visitors.

Based on one of  2019 Hospitality Design trends (serenity blue colours) this hotel room decor has a touch of luxury and richness with the combination of the gold-tone table and the serene blue of the rug, these colours really bring out inspiration and luxury hospitality design of every aspect of the hotel! The Langham suite hotel designed by Richmond International is a reference for next year hospitality design trends.

Take a look at this luxury hotel room decor and appreciate it many inspirational details based on dark colours, stunning table with gold and black tones and the gorgeous upholstered… looks so comfortable and attractive, giving a sophisticated look to this hotel interior design project by Koket.

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We’re holding on to the luxury pattern but it doesn’t change anything, it still looks beautiful and fancy. The tones of dark blue on the sofa and the purple combine so good with the other furniture in the hotel room decor style and we still have 2 custom design tables which fit perfectly.

Now here we have an inspirational different one, a more modern flat hotel room decor style with perfectly designed furniture that creates a cosy place to stay.

The Royal Suite of Four Seasons Hotel Singapore was influenced by Singapore Botanic Gardens and features a natural colour palette dusted with cool blue tones and lime green accents. 

Here you will notice the chandelier in an instant, it’s beautiful and gives another look at the hotel lighting design. This hotel room decor style furniture suits perfectly in the theme of luxury, richness, and brightness!

Your guest can have a wonderful time relaxing in the beautiful sofa with these windows open, inviting the fresh air inside. Look at this beautiful hotel interior design idea of Providence Hotel in Paris, most accommodations have flowery velvet wallpapers, warm hues and hypnotic tropical patterns, Art Deco lighting fixtures, large brass coffee tables, and velvet armchairs and two-seat sofas, subtle in their forms.

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