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stunning hotel lobbies


The Incredible Furnas Boutique Hotel in the Azores

People often forget the Azores when booking a holiday but in recent years the archipelago is finally getting the recognition it deserves. The incredible islands have an unbelievable amount to offer and are one of Europe’s most breathtaking natural havens. The Furnas Boutique Hotel is a luxury hotel which offers visitors a stunning experience to connect with nature and to truly relax.

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Located on the São Miguel Island, in the valley of the Furnas, which is the area with the most concentrated thermal waters in Europe, the Furnas Boutique Hotel is truly a remarkable luxury experience bathed in the peace and tranquillity of nature.

Furnas Boutique Hotel Azores

The interior design is reflective of the relaxation you will experience during your stay. The beautiful combination of modern and traditional influences creates a stunning balance and helps visitors to find their zen whilst connecting to nature. The use of an earthy and down-to-earth palette of greys and browns as well as the stone elements truly integrates the Furnas Boutique Hotel into its surroundings.

The Hotel offers a wide range of experiences for each type of traveller. From the adventure and sports enthusiasts to nature lovers, there is something to do for everyone.

The Furnas Boutique Hotel also has its stunning À Terra restaurant. The natural fruits of nature and the rustic lifestyle inspire the incredible food here. With a menu boasting plates that will bring you the most delicious aromas, textures and tastes.

The Thermal Spa at this luxury boutique hotel must not be overlooked. This is the perfect place to unwind and appreciate the true tranquillity of the island. The Furnas Boutique Hotel boasts both an outdoor and indoor thermal experience pools.

Of course they also have a sauna and Turkish bath as well as a luxuriously wide range of spa treatments from exfoliations, massages, hidromassages and even reflexology. This spa leaves nothing to be desired and you will leave completely relaxed.

When booking your next holiday to Europe do not forget to take a look at what the Azores has to offer and in particular the Furnas Boutique Hotel, the perfect place to take everything in and unwind.


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Top 10 of stunning hotel lobbies around the world

Top 10 of stunning hotel lobbies around the world – “Welcome!” – They say. The first step you take into those hotels be sure you’ll be completely mesmerized. These are the most incredible lobbies you will ever see. Some are glamourous, other unusual, but all these lobbies are certainly amazing.

Check the short top 10 list of the stunning hotel lobbies around the world, waiting for you.

best hotels around the world - four seasons safari lodge serengeti Best hotels around the world - Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti bb upholstery 750

1. Al Bustan Palace – Oman

Top 10 of stunning hotel lobbies around the world - Al Bustan Palace

Al Bustan Palace, a Ritz-Carlton hotel in Muscat, Oman, welcomes guests with a reception area that is palatial and ornate. Rising 39 metres to the centre of a grand dome – which is three metres longer than the Taj Mahal dome – its centrepiece is a 5.5 tonne crystal chandelier.

2. Veranda Resort and Spa – Thailand

Top 10 of stunning hotel lobbies around the world - Veranda

Hidden in the hills that surround Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, Veranda is designed to allow guests to relaxing, rejuvenating escape. The experience begins when visitors check in at the property’s open-air reception, before passing a tranquil pool to access their rooms.

3. Atlantis, The Palm – Dubai

Top 10 of stunning hotel lobbies around the world - Atlantis The Palm

Dubai doesn’t do discreet. The 18-metre-high Grand Lobby of Atlantis, The Palm radiates around a vividly coloured glass sculpture by Dale Chihuly. His first installation in the Middle East, it took almost two years to make and is made from over 3,000 individually blown glass pieces.

4. ITC Grand Chola Hotel – India

Top 10 of stunning hotel lobbies around the world -  ITC Grand Chola hotel

Admittedly the lobby of the ITC Grand Chola hotel in Chennai would look less impressive without a procession of elegant, sari-clad staff members lined in greeting, but it is an imposing space nonetheless. Gleaming marble abounds in the lobby, and the hotel as a whole features one million square feet of hand-carved marble.

5. Phulay Bay – Thailand

Top 10 of stunning hotel lobbies around the world -  Phulay Bay

One of the most romantic reception areas we’ve highlighted, the lobby at Phulay Bay, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, is located in a Thai pavilion situated on an island that is surrounded by thousands of gently flickering candles. You’ll find the hotel in Krabi in Thailand.

6. The Royal Livingstone – Zambia

Top 10 of stunning hotel lobbies around the world -  The Royal Livingstone

Guests at The Royal Livingstone in Zambia have an unconventional start to their stay at the hotel. Rather than checking in as normal, they’re taken to the property by water taxi and check in at the hotel’s jetty where they’re treated to hand massages and a fruit cocktail.

7. The Burj Al Arab – Dubai

Top 10 of stunning hotel lobbies around the world -  The Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab the distinctive sail-shaped hotel off the coast of Dubai. Those staying in the property begin their lavish experience at the property upon entering the soaring atrium that houses its lobby and check-in area.

8. Cumberland Hotel – London


The entrance to the Cumberland Hotel in London looks more like an art gallery than a lobby, and it often serves that purpose. The lobby houses modern works of art that should provide guests with an immediate talking point and, more generally, the space hosts a number of exhibitions throughout the year.

9. Hotel Icon – Hong Kong

Top 10 of stunning hotel lobbies around the world - Hotel Icon

In Kowloon in Hong Kong, Hotel Icon houses Asia’s largest indoor vertical garden within its lobby. French botanist and artist Patrick Blanc designed the feature, which measures 18 metres in height and covers 230 square metres. Consisting of numerous native plants, the vertical garden functions as a welcome natural sight within the congested city centre.

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10. Hyatt Regency – San Francisco


At 42,000sq ft and 17 stories high, the lobby of the Hyatt Regency San Francisco is the world’s largest. A dramatic meeting-point, it’s popular as a venue for events.

Four Seasons Firenze Four Seasons Firenze by Pierre-Yves Rochon bb lighting 750

Enjoy your stay!

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