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The Incredible Furnas Boutique Hotel in the Azores

People often forget the Azores when booking a holiday but in recent years the archipelago is finally getting the recognition it deserves. The incredible islands have an unbelievable amount to offer and are one of Europe’s most breathtaking natural havens. The Furnas Boutique Hotel is a luxury hotel which offers visitors a stunning experience to connect with nature and to truly relax.

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Located on the São Miguel Island, in the valley of the Furnas, which is the area with the most concentrated thermal waters in Europe, the Furnas Boutique Hotel is truly a remarkable luxury experience bathed in the peace and tranquillity of nature.

Furnas Boutique Hotel Azores

The interior design is reflective of the relaxation you will experience during your stay. The beautiful combination of modern and traditional influences creates a stunning balance and helps visitors to find their zen whilst connecting to nature. The use of an earthy and down-to-earth palette of greys and browns as well as the stone elements truly integrates the Furnas Boutique Hotel into its surroundings.

The Hotel offers a wide range of experiences for each type of traveller. From the adventure and sports enthusiasts to nature lovers, there is something to do for everyone.

The Furnas Boutique Hotel also has its stunning À Terra restaurant. The natural fruits of nature and the rustic lifestyle inspire the incredible food here. With a menu boasting plates that will bring you the most delicious aromas, textures and tastes.

The Thermal Spa at this luxury boutique hotel must not be overlooked. This is the perfect place to unwind and appreciate the true tranquillity of the island. The Furnas Boutique Hotel boasts both an outdoor and indoor thermal experience pools.

Of course they also have a sauna and Turkish bath as well as a luxuriously wide range of spa treatments from exfoliations, massages, hidromassages and even reflexology. This spa leaves nothing to be desired and you will leave completely relaxed.

When booking your next holiday to Europe do not forget to take a look at what the Azores has to offer and in particular the Furnas Boutique Hotel, the perfect place to take everything in and unwind.


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5 Remarkable Restaurant Interior Projects With Hospitality Design

The interior  design  is one of the most important and valuable aspects of any restaurant . A good interior design  of restaurant welcome the guest and  attract the people as much as the good food and drinks can . Making the space welcoming and unique is the key to attract the more consumers. Today we bring you 5 remarkable restaurant interior projects with hospitality design that will inspire you . Let’s start our journey .

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5 Remarkable Restaurant Interior Projects With Hospitality Design

5 Remarkable Restaurant Interior Projects With Hospitality Design

Located in Gothenburg, Sweden, this luxurious restaurant resembles a fancy, colorful museum and was designed by Stylt Trampoli. This Swedish architecture and design firm has designed restaurant and hotel interiors in Scandinavia for the past 20 years and is known for its use of stories and narratives as a base for its surprising design.

5 Remarkable Restaurant Interior Projects With Hospitality Ideas

5 Remarkable Restaurant Interior Projects With Hospitality Ideas

Combining the elegant use of color and texture, the interior design of this restaurant is magical, glamorous and sophisticated, yet cozy and welcoming at the same time. The slightly over-the-top and eclectic interior decor can take us back to the days of Jules Verne and Gustave Eiffel.

5 Remarkable Restaurant Interior Projects With Hospitality Design

This was the first Stylt Trampoli’s project that Brabbu was a part of. KOI center table was the selected piece for its magical lighting mutations revealed by the brass surface, combined with the glass top.

5 Remarkable Restaurant Interior Projects With Hospitality Design

5 Remarkable Restaurant Interior Projects With Hospitality Design

Le Pain Francais is an established chain of French bakeries in Gothenburg but this is their first foray into a full-scale restaurant, serving excellent food in an gorgeous and unforgettable space. Eating at Le Pain Français is a full experience where food and design meet in a glorious combination. Here is some photos to inspire you to visit this restaurant or even try something different in your home decor.

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Did you enjoy it? Do you have any favourite items from our selection? Let us know, we are curious! For more modern interior design projects inspiration and decorating tips, don’t forget to visit our Pinterest.

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Stunning Hospitality Design Ideas for Small Spaces

These are the best recent hospitality design tips inspired in the chic small living pro tips out of the most fashionable cities around the world. Each hospitality project includes a different case and gives you a promising approach to a solution for overcoming the particular constraints of your space.

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hospitality design

Contract furniture against the wall does not guarantee a larger room. On the other hand, breathing room around the furniture leads to the appearance of more space.

Functionality is appreciated everywhere these days. The same goes with restaurant design. Sneak a way that works the best for your project.

You would not know how the magic of thinking big can do it’s charm in the most beneficial ways unless you try it. This is the ultimate way of thinking that makes luxurious interiors open and uncluttered.

There is nothing bad to tell about the classic way which truly is design-friendly, except that it makes luxurious hotels appear smaller. Keep it in mind and better stick with pale white, cream, grays and blues.

A little structure is never a bother in life. Here and only here you can sort your favorite items judging by color and height. A potential disaster is suddenly turned into a display of personality. Voila beautiful interiors!

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Do you have any tips or tricks for decorating hospitality interiors or restaurant interiors in small spaces?

What are your favourite interiors in the hospitality sector which have perfectly handled and reflected a small space?

Let us know your favourites, tips and tricks as well as comments. We love to inspire you but also for you to inspire us.

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The BEST Hospitality Design Magazines

The best hospitality design magazines are defining trends and styles inspiring the architects, interior design lovers and decorators worldwide. Knowing that, we have made a list of the internationally renowned magazines that you should follow to get in touch with new trends and get inspiration for your new hospitality projects.


750x130 hotel lobby Top 10 Luxury Hotel Lobby Designs


hospitality design magazines

International, influential and trendy, Coveted Edition Magazine is the world’s ultimate source for Luxury & Design news. International top designers and opinion leaders share the secrets of their work and have, at the same time, an active voice in Coveted Edition through the expression of different points of view about the Design world. Coveted edition may be found in all the top Design Events worldwide and in the world’s major cities.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Hotelier & Hospitality Design Magazine gives you an total understanding about the hotel design news. From recent hotel renovations and openings to award-winning luxury hotels and hotel construction projects, this magazine will guide you to create all your projects.


It’s all about interior design. In Interior Design magazine you can find the best resources for interiors designers and architects and the best features, like real-time design industry events, hospitality projects, innovative new contract furniture and exclusive trends.

750x130 hospitality design magazines Get inspired by the best Hospitality Design magazines

Hospitality Design

Published 10 times a year, Hospitality Design is the premier trade magazine serving the field of hospitality design. As a connector in the industry, Hospitality Design hosts many events throughout the year, including HD Summit, HD Expo, HD Americas, HD Awards, NextGen Forum, Platinum Circle Gala, and CitySCENE.


Contract publishes great contemporary commercial design including hospitality, education, retail and government projects. The magazine produces the Best of NeoCon Awards, the Interiors Awards for built work, and annually honours a Designer of the Year.


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