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The Incredible Furnas Boutique Hotel in the Azores

People often forget the Azores when booking a holiday but in recent years the archipelago is finally getting the recognition it deserves. The incredible islands have an unbelievable amount to offer and are one of Europe’s most breathtaking natural havens. The Furnas Boutique Hotel is a luxury hotel which offers visitors a stunning experience to connect with nature and to truly relax.

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Located on the São Miguel Island, in the valley of the Furnas, which is the area with the most concentrated thermal waters in Europe, the Furnas Boutique Hotel is truly a remarkable luxury experience bathed in the peace and tranquillity of nature.

Furnas Boutique Hotel Azores

The interior design is reflective of the relaxation you will experience during your stay. The beautiful combination of modern and traditional influences creates a stunning balance and helps visitors to find their zen whilst connecting to nature. The use of an earthy and down-to-earth palette of greys and browns as well as the stone elements truly integrates the Furnas Boutique Hotel into its surroundings.

The Hotel offers a wide range of experiences for each type of traveller. From the adventure and sports enthusiasts to nature lovers, there is something to do for everyone.

The Furnas Boutique Hotel also has its stunning À Terra restaurant. The natural fruits of nature and the rustic lifestyle inspire the incredible food here. With a menu boasting plates that will bring you the most delicious aromas, textures and tastes.

The Thermal Spa at this luxury boutique hotel must not be overlooked. This is the perfect place to unwind and appreciate the true tranquillity of the island. The Furnas Boutique Hotel boasts both an outdoor and indoor thermal experience pools.

Of course they also have a sauna and Turkish bath as well as a luxuriously wide range of spa treatments from exfoliations, massages, hidromassages and even reflexology. This spa leaves nothing to be desired and you will leave completely relaxed.

When booking your next holiday to Europe do not forget to take a look at what the Azores has to offer and in particular the Furnas Boutique Hotel, the perfect place to take everything in and unwind.


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The best interior design in the most luxurious hotels in Asia, that’s all you need to know to start planning a dream trip to the most exotic continent. This top 5 will exceed your expectations!

5. Glad Yeouido, South Korea

Top 5 Asian Hotel Designs

A modern hotel designed by Joh & Company, that have chosen a local type of brick to the construction of the building. The structure, softened by spot lighting evoking the warmth of a traditional Korean home, this is the perfect place to a family vacation. The restaurant and cafe revels natural materials and pure forms, and the bar serves the most extensive and unique collection of Malt Whiskey.

4. Humble House Taipei, Taiwan

Top 5 Asian Hotel Designs

Located on the top floors of a Diamond-rated Green Building, it merges design, green living, and art. The floor-to-ceiling windows maximize natural light that illuminates about 600 works of art assembled by the Art Curator Ellie Lai. Guests are also invited to enjoy the daily traditional tea ceremonies and to relax at the spa, or enjoy the lush sixth-floor garden with view over the city.

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3. Anya Hotel, India

Top 5 Asian Hotel Designs

From the spacious suites to the spa, the luxury hotel features several art works. A Spanish tapas bar and beer garden, the multiple international music zones, from jazz and electronic to Indian classical, gave a cultural touch to the hotel.

2. The Naka Phuket, Thailand

Top 5 Asian Hotel Designs

With 94 glass-built villas and hidden in an ancient valley this is the place that you’ve been dreaming of. The outdoor pool with amazing private living spaces and an overlook to the ocean are simply breath taking. The rooftop spa, an olympic pool and a private beach complete this paradise.

1. Kimamaya Boutique Hotel, Japan

Top 5 Asian Hotel Designs

Kimamaya is the Japanese word for “be yourself” and here, you can do just that and relax. This nine-room mountain lodge in Niseko ski resorts is just lovely.  During summer and fall you can make trails at the pine forests. The restaurant, inspired by traditional japanese architecture, is a perfect example of luxury and comfort.

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Best Design Hotels in Milan

Milan has always been a rich and important city. It has always been a place full of various famous artists and offers a particular assortment of churches, buildings and monuments. Is also an economic powerhouse and is constantly re-inventing itself by adding new, often avant-garde buildings to its already impressive cityscape.

Italy’s most fashionable city and one of the richest cities in Europe but it also holds several historic and artistic attractions, including the largest Gothic cathedral in the world, the Last Supper painting, and the famous La Scala Opera House. So you must stay in the best design hotels and in Milan you will find the best of boutique hotels.

Straf Hotel

hotel staf milano 1

The Straf Hotel is a fusion of Italian fashion, original design and elegance. It combines minimalist design and classic Italian architecture. It is located only a few steps from the Duomo cathedral, places guests at the core of Milan, moments from the fashionable Via Montenapoleone, the shopping districts and La Scala Opera house.

hotel-straf 1

Blending recycled materials into new surroundings in a concept that shakes up the interior of a 19th century Milan palazzo, architect and artist Vincenzo de Cotiis has achieved his goal of creating a visually striking alternative to standard hotel interior design.



Hotel Boscolo Milano

hotel bolcolo 2

The Hotel Boscolo Milano is an original merging of Italian elegance, art and style. It expresses a new 5 Star concept in the relationship between luxury and modernism. Designed to be a reference point for visitors to the city of Milan, it is also a meeting place for the Milanese: 50% of the area is open to the public, as the city comes into the Boscolo Hotel.

hotel boscolo 2

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Armani Hotels and Resorts


Armani Hotels and Resort The Armani Hotel and Resort in Milan exudes the Armani style and philosophy defines every detail of the 95 guestrooms and suites. Each element has been personally designed by Giorgio Armani and chosen for sculptural, aesthetic and sensual qualities. Milan Armani hotel is the favorite place of fashion models, photographs and designers.



Maison Moschino

Maison Moschino

The dreamy Maison Moschino was housed in a 19th century neoclassical railway station, in the heart of Milan. It entices guests in a fairytale world with sophisticated decors that invite you to dream. The arresting boutique hotel features rooms such as the Little Red Riding Hood, Life is a Bed of Roses, Alice’s Room or The Ribbon, each of them with its own distinctive story and magical ambiance. Everything oozes the unmistakable signature of Moschino brand, so famous for its innovative, eccentric style.

Maison Moschino 4


Bvlgari Hotels and Resorts


Located on a private street between Via Montenapoleone, Via della Spiga, La Scala and the Accademia di Brera, in a tastefully renovated 18th-century Milanese palazzo is the Bvlgari Hotel Milan, decorated in a refined yet welcoming atmosphere, an expression of the constant attention to detail for which Bulgari is famous.


One such space is the Bulgari Hotel’s 4,000-square-meter private garden, a natural extension of the nearby Botanical Garden, a restorative oasis of serenity and relaxation in the midst of Milan’s busy pace.

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Gray Hotel

Gray Hotel 6

Located in just off the Piazza del Duomo, near the Galleria and the Scala opera house, in the center of Milan’s shopping and commercial district. The Gray is representative of a new movement toward modern, daringly designed hotels. It is a modern design playground, starting with the swing, a pink mattress suspended from the ceiling in front of the reception desk.

gray hotel 6.2


Brera Apartments

Brera Apartments 1

Brera Apartments is a luxury hotel in Milan, located in the very core of the historical and cultural Brera district, after which the hotel is named. Each of the apartments offers a piece of privacy in the middle of the bustling, vibrant city of Milan, styled with pristine white interiors and accessorised with sleek contemporary furnishings that emphasise the hotel’s cool, metropolitan edge.

Brera Apartments

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Best hotel designs in Istanbul

Istanbul is a natural gateway spanning the European and Asian continents divided by the Bosphorus Straits. The city has many fascinating landmarks, among them the Hagia Sofia and the Blue Mosque. The multi-purpose business/shopping complex Kanyon has been noted for its dramatic architecture.

It is a metropolis proud of its rich heritage of being the capital of four empires (Roman, Byzantine, Latin and Ottoman) throughout its 8500-year past, being that one of the many reasons to visit this amazing city. To take the best of the city you must find a cool and also beautiful place to stay and rest, here are the best design hotels where to sleep and rest.

The House Hotel Nisantasi

The House Hotel Nisantasi 1

The House Hotel Nisantasi is a Luxury design boutique hotel located in Istanbul’s most fashionable district, Nişantaşı, home of all the famous internationally recognized couture brands and the preferred place for shopping, dining and clubbing. Distinguished by fabulous decor, excellent location and impeccable service, the hotel has been recommended as one of the best boutique hotel in Europe by Conde Nast Traveler Hot List in 2011.

Bentley Hotel

Bentley Hotel 2

The Bentley Hotel is a temple to radiance and Light and it was created by the milanese architects, Piero Lissoni and Nicoletta Canesi’s. Is located in the city centre, 5 minutes walk to banking & shopping districts, where the stores of Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton & Armani can be found. Overlooks the city from Bosphorus to the Golden Horn.

The Istanbul Edition

The Istanbul Edition 3

The Istanbul EDITION is an exclusive new hotel in the heart one of the world’s most vibrant cities at the nexus of Europe and Asia. Designed in collaboration with Gabellini Sheppard Associates to an exceptional standard of modern luxury, every aspect of The Istanbul EDITION is treated as an experience of the highest quality and understated elegance.

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Marti Istanbul Hotel

Marti Istanbul Hotel 4

Marti Istanbul is an elegant new five star hotel is located in Taksim, the shopping, cultural and commercial heart of the city, and also home to foremost entertainment venues and bustling nightlife. This glamorous property is within easy reach to all major historic sites and ancient bazaars, as well as a short ride to the famed Bosphorus shores. Both new and repeat visitors to Istanbul, one of the world’s most exciting destinations, will find a tempting new address in Marti Istanbul Hotel.

Gezi Hotel Bosphorus

Gezi Hotel Bosphorus 5

Gezi Hotel Bosphorus’ gently curved façade seems to hold the city in a tender embrace. Above it all, modern glass towers compete for pride of place with neoclassical buildings. The Gezi Hotel Bosphorus cultivates beauty inside and out. The high-quality wood and leather used in furnishings throughout provide a warm, cozy atmosphere that is amplified by a contemporary design ethos that fuses the rich color-blocking of Piet Mondrian with high tech flourishes.

The House Hotel Galatasaray

The House Hotel Galatasaray 6

The House Hotel Galatasaray is a 19th Century mansion that has been painstakingly restored to offer guests total inner-city tranquility. Located between the Bosphorus and Istiklal Avenue in the old district of Cukurcuma, this hotel original features like the mustard-colored façade and the lobby’s marble staircase were retained, and then complemented by new additions like fawn carpets and delicate wall moldings.

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The Sofa Hotel & Residences

The Sofa Hotel & Residences 7

The Sofa Hotel & Residences was built by the renowned Turkish architect Sinan Kafadar, he had something bigger in mind than just an average boutique property. This hotel has a chic atmosphere, ultramodern technology, extraordinary service, and an celebrated art gallery – a true gem of the local hotel scene, dressed in minimalist chic with hints of Ottoman flair.

Witt Istanbul Suites

Witt Istanbul Suites 8

The Witt Istanbul Hotel is located on Istanbul’s European side in a chic bohemian neighborhood of eclectic antique shops, cafes and designer boutiques. Buitled by a award-winning Istanbul architecture and design firm, Autoban, outfitted the hotel with an array of distinctly modern furnishings.

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