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The Incredible Furnas Boutique Hotel in the Azores

People often forget the Azores when booking a holiday but in recent years the archipelago is finally getting the recognition it deserves. The incredible islands have an unbelievable amount to offer and are one of Europe’s most breathtaking natural havens. The Furnas Boutique Hotel is a luxury hotel which offers visitors a stunning experience to connect with nature and to truly relax.

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Located on the São Miguel Island, in the valley of the Furnas, which is the area with the most concentrated thermal waters in Europe, the Furnas Boutique Hotel is truly a remarkable luxury experience bathed in the peace and tranquillity of nature.

Furnas Boutique Hotel Azores

The interior design is reflective of the relaxation you will experience during your stay. The beautiful combination of modern and traditional influences creates a stunning balance and helps visitors to find their zen whilst connecting to nature. The use of an earthy and down-to-earth palette of greys and browns as well as the stone elements truly integrates the Furnas Boutique Hotel into its surroundings.

The Hotel offers a wide range of experiences for each type of traveller. From the adventure and sports enthusiasts to nature lovers, there is something to do for everyone.

The Furnas Boutique Hotel also has its stunning À Terra restaurant. The natural fruits of nature and the rustic lifestyle inspire the incredible food here. With a menu boasting plates that will bring you the most delicious aromas, textures and tastes.

The Thermal Spa at this luxury boutique hotel must not be overlooked. This is the perfect place to unwind and appreciate the true tranquillity of the island. The Furnas Boutique Hotel boasts both an outdoor and indoor thermal experience pools.

Of course they also have a sauna and Turkish bath as well as a luxuriously wide range of spa treatments from exfoliations, massages, hidromassages and even reflexology. This spa leaves nothing to be desired and you will leave completely relaxed.

When booking your next holiday to Europe do not forget to take a look at what the Azores has to offer and in particular the Furnas Boutique Hotel, the perfect place to take everything in and unwind.


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"Castle Hotel in Tuscany"

Top 5 castles in Tuscany transformed into hotels

The following list includes historic castles and palaces in Tuscany, which have all been beautifully restored and renovated into hotels, while retaining all the features of their original medieval or Renaissance architecture. These original features obviouly influence each one of these hotel interior designs. Most of the castle hotels on the list are ideally situated as a starting point for excursions to wine tasting and sightseeing in the medieval history of the area. These castle hotels are definitely a good choice for those who appreciate luxury travel and time travel, at the same time. It would be certainly an exclusive hotel experience.

1. Castelletto di Montebenichi, Bucine

"Castelletto di Montebenichi, Toscana"

Located in the heart of the Chianti wine region, Montebenichi Castle is a castle of the 12th century standing on a hill surrounded by a large private park, with views of the Valdambra. The small village of Montebenichi is an excellent starting point to discover the artistic, natural and gastronomic beauties of the area, in the heart of the Chianti region. Among olive groves, vineyards and medieval villages, the Chianti road leads to southwest of Montalcino, well-known by Brunello world famous wines and southeast of Montepulciano, home of Vino Nobile. Perugia, Orvieto, Assisi and Florence are all within an hour’s drive away, Arezzo and Siena can be reached in just 30 minutes.

2. Castello di Spaltenna, Gaiole, Chianti

"Castello di Spaltenna, Gaiole, Chianti - Toscana"

Spaltenna castle is also located in the Chianti region, in the town of Gaiole. It’s just a few minutes away from the most popular cities in the wine region of Chianti Classico, such as Radda, Panzano, Castellina, Greve and Castelnuovo Berardenga. Surrounded by vineyards and woods, the medieval village of Spaltenna includes a fortified monastery with a cloister and bell tower dated of 1000 AD. The castle dates back to 1030. Facilities and activities include a spa, oil and wine therapy treatments, a turkish bath and indoor (heated) and outdoor swimming pools. Siena and Florence are within easy reach.

3. Castello di Tornano, Gaiole, Chianti

"Castello di Tornano, Gaiole in Chianti - Toscana"

Tornano Castle is located in an old farmhouse dated of 11th century, surrounded by cypress trees, vineyards and olive groves. The first mention of the ‘court’ are back to actually dates from the year 790 during the reign of Carlo Magno, in Italy. In the wine cellar, which is in the prison of the castle, guests can taste the Chianti Classico wine and olive oil produced by the Hotel.

4. Castello di Gargonza, Monte San Savino

"Castello di Gargonza, Monte San Savino, Toscana"

The Gargonza Castle is a fortified town of the 13th century, situated in the beautiful Val di Chiana and offers rooms and apartments with bed and breakfast. The first news of Gargonza date from 1150, citing a fortified castle along the road from Arezzo to Siena. It is this same castle that Dante has spent a few days in exile. The rooms and apartments are all located inside the medieval village. The medieval structure also includes an outdoor swimming pool, private gardens, a restaurant and a conference center.

5. Palazzo Guadagni, Firenze

"Palazzo Guadagni, Firenze, Toscana"

The area of the historical center of Florence, where the hotel is located, was originally settled by craftsmen and tradesmen. The Hotel Palazzo Guadagni was built for a silk merchant named Riniero Bernardo Dei in 1500. Today, the building is an elegant 3 star hotel, decorated in a vintage style that reflects its aristocratic origins.

Source: Tripadvisor

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How to create an unforgettable luxury suite

Every Hotel wants to provide exclusive hotel experiences and a good night of sleep. Hotel Interior Designs will give you today the best 7 tips to create unforgettable luxury suites.

Sleeping well provides countless health benefits. In addition to a pleasant sensation of sleeping well, sleep is a primary moment and, therefore, affects our ability to reason and take decisions. So, with some hotel interior design tips, every hotel can allow its guests to have great rest in each luxury travel.

1. Guest Room Environment

"Guest Room Environment"

It’s important to have a décor that not only suits your taste but makes you feel good and relaxed.

Tip #1: Classic colours

"Guest Room decor with classic colours"

2. Mattress

"Mattress, very important for a good sleep, by Persono"

This is an obvious one – without the right matress you will continue to wake up not feeling great. So, throw out that old mouldy mattress and spare no effort in choosing your mattress and pillow. All mattresses should respond according to the shape of your body, instead of sinking or sagging fully or in part.

Tip #2: a Persono mattress – is an hygienic mattress that is also a design piece.

"Mattress by Persono"

3. The Bed

"Hotel bed"

Just like the mattress, the bed is a major factor. It needs a good lombar suppport but also, a good support for your mattress. Also, the bed is the focal point of any room, so buy a beautifull one – and the most luxurious bedding you can find.

Tip #3: Forbidden Bed by Koket

Forbidden bed, by Koket

4. Make it bright

"Hotel guest room - make it bright"

Of course it’s nice to sleep in the dark. However, you should let natural light come in during the day. Wide windows not only help with the light, but also with the heat. For your guest rooms consider having sheer curtains to help keep the room bright. Since at night it is, well, dark, opt for a good lamp.

Tip #4: Billy Table by Delightfull

Billy Table Lamp by Delightfull

5. Designer Furniture

"Guest room with design furniture"

More than just the bed, the rest of the guest room should have the best design. Be bold!

Tip #5: Get a nightstand that you love and a chest of drawers that makes that suite an imaginary place. See this one, the Crochet by Boca do Lobo.

"Crochet by Boca do Lobo"

6. Wall art and Mirrors

"Hotel tips: wall art"

Spice up the walls – don’t let them just be there empty. Paint them, put some painting or frames on it or simply use a mirror.

Tip #6: Apollo mirror by Boca do Lobo

"Apollo mirror, by Boca do Lobo"

7. Upholstery

"Use good design Upholstery in hotel guest rooms"

Finalize the suite décor with a great sofa or armchair. Confortable, yet funtional and filled with design.

Tip #7: : The Matis armchair by BRABBU.

"The Matis armchair by BRABBU"

Via: My Design Week

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Amanyara Hotel by Denniston International Archittects & Partners

The luxury hotel designers of the moment

Whether the requirement is to make the looking of hotel luxurious, there must be involvement of interior design. Interior atmosphere is crucial for the image of your hotel! If you want to impress your customer, you must emphasize the refinement, singularity and creativity of your interior design! Because you want to provide them an exclusive luxury travel.

We have the pleasure to present you ten of the most prominent hotel designers of the moment, including Kelly Wearstler, Pierre Yves Rochon, Alberto Pinto, Hirsch Bedner and Yabu Pushelberg.

Hotels are one of the oldest symbols of luxury, so much so that Coco Chanel famously chose The Paris Ritz as her home for over thirty years. In the accessible age of luxury e-commerce and iPad applications, hotels have survived and prospered in remaining truly exclusive hotel experiences, the quintessential definition of luxury.

Which of these outstanding hotel projects do you prefer?

1. Denniston International Architects & Planners, Malaysia

"Hotel by Denniston International Architects & Partners"

2. Dolder Grand Zurich by United Designers

" Dolder Grand Zurich by United Designers"

3. Hotel Particulier Paris by Alberto Pinto

"Hotel Particulier Paris by Alberto Pinto"

4. Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas by Tihany Design

"Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas by Tihany Design"

5. The Spa at The Europe Hotel, Ireland by Hirsch Bedner Associates

"The ESPA at The Europe Hotel by Hirsch Bedner Associates"

6. The Hazelton, Toronto by Yabu Pushelberg

"The Hazelton Toronto by Yabu Pushelberg"

7. The Peninsula Shanghai by Pierre Yves Rochon

"The Peninsula Shanghai by Pierre Yves Rochon"

8. The President Wilson, Switzerland by Chhada Siembieda

The President Wilson by Chhada Siembieda

9. The Setai, Miami Beach by Jaya International

The Setai Miami by Jaya International

10. Viceroy Miami by Kelly Wearstler

Viceroy Miami by Kelly Wearstler

Source: Design Contract

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