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best boutique hotel buenos aires


The Incredible Furnas Boutique Hotel in the Azores

People often forget the Azores when booking a holiday but in recent years the archipelago is finally getting the recognition it deserves. The incredible islands have an unbelievable amount to offer and are one of Europe’s most breathtaking natural havens. The Furnas Boutique Hotel is a luxury hotel which offers visitors a stunning experience to connect with nature and to truly relax.

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Located on the São Miguel Island, in the valley of the Furnas, which is the area with the most concentrated thermal waters in Europe, the Furnas Boutique Hotel is truly a remarkable luxury experience bathed in the peace and tranquillity of nature.

Furnas Boutique Hotel Azores

The interior design is reflective of the relaxation you will experience during your stay. The beautiful combination of modern and traditional influences creates a stunning balance and helps visitors to find their zen whilst connecting to nature. The use of an earthy and down-to-earth palette of greys and browns as well as the stone elements truly integrates the Furnas Boutique Hotel into its surroundings.

The Hotel offers a wide range of experiences for each type of traveller. From the adventure and sports enthusiasts to nature lovers, there is something to do for everyone.

The Furnas Boutique Hotel also has its stunning À Terra restaurant. The natural fruits of nature and the rustic lifestyle inspire the incredible food here. With a menu boasting plates that will bring you the most delicious aromas, textures and tastes.

The Thermal Spa at this luxury boutique hotel must not be overlooked. This is the perfect place to unwind and appreciate the true tranquillity of the island. The Furnas Boutique Hotel boasts both an outdoor and indoor thermal experience pools.

Of course they also have a sauna and Turkish bath as well as a luxuriously wide range of spa treatments from exfoliations, massages, hidromassages and even reflexology. This spa leaves nothing to be desired and you will leave completely relaxed.

When booking your next holiday to Europe do not forget to take a look at what the Azores has to offer and in particular the Furnas Boutique Hotel, the perfect place to take everything in and unwind.


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The best design hotel in Buenos Aires

The best design hotel in Buenos Aires

In the old days, people came to Buenos Aires for the steak, the tango, and the excitement of an old Latin American capital. Those things are still here, of course, but so too is an invigorated international city offering up cutting-edge art, food, and culture. Enjoy this beautiful city and stay in the best design hotel of Argentina, Hotel Pulitzer.

The best design hotel in Buenos Aires

Nestled between the frenetic hustle of Microcento and the leafy old-world charm of the Recoleta – a well-heeled district known to locals as “Little Paris” – Hotel Pulitzer offers visitors to Buenos Aires a unique vantage from which to take in this electrifying city.

The best design hotel in Buenos Aires

During summer months, poolside chaise lounges beckon guests to stretch out and bathe in the sun, eight stories above the bustling Buenos Aires streets. Should guests choose to unwind more privately, each of the hotel’s 104 rooms and suites contains its own temple of relaxation: a sleek, black-tiled bathroom complete with a hydromassage bath and aromatic oils. Step outside and you’re right in the heart of historic Buenos Aires, mere steps away from the city’s choice cultural offerings, such as the National Museum of Fine Arts, Florida Street, and San Martin Square.

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The best design hotel in Buenos Aires

Hotel Pulitzer stands poised between different worlds: old and new, business and culture, vibrant nightlife and restorative relaxation. Thus it comes as no surprise that owner Louis Roig conceived of the property as, “a hotel of tradition in a thriving city in the renewal of architecture and design.” In its design and outlook, Hotel Pulitzer harkens back to Buenos Aires’ Golden Age while keeping its sights firmly set on the city’s future. Buenos Aires-based architect Guillermo Roitenberg’s new construction strikes a surprisingly modern tone when compared to the typical historic Buenos Aires’ hotel while maintaining slight deco flair.

The best design hotel in Buenos Aires

Interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán creates a breezy, effervescent vibe with his effortless blend of 50s glamour and modern minimalism. Crisp interiors exude understated cosmopolitan chic with steel-trimmed modular furniture and trompe l’oeils of latticed woods. A striking palette of bold aquamarine, cool whites, rusts, and bold blacks prevails throughout.

The best design hotel in Buenos Aires

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